NAMM 2015: Make Noise First Look

Tony Rolando gives us a look at 3 new modules from Make Noise      21/01/15
    MP4 9:53 mins    

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This year at NAMM Make Noise have 3 new modules on offer! First up its the Fixed Filter module with simulatneous 6dB and 12dB input that covers about 6 octaves.

We then have the RxMx which has some intereting features for pairing with the fixed filter.

And finally we have a prototype of the next collaboration with Tom Erbe, the Telharmonic. This is a digital three voice additive synth module with some interesting features for creating chords.

Make Noise have also reissued the Shared System in black with gold detailing.

See and hear it all in the video.

Edd Butterworth

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