NAMM 2015: Looper for Vocals And Acoustic Instruments

US TC-Helicon introduces the Ditto Mic Looper stompbox      21/01/15

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TC-Helicon has announced the Ditto Mic Looper, which they describe as the follow-up to the world's #1 best-selling FX pedal, perfected by TC-Helicon to fit all vocalists and mic'ed instruments. Here's the TC-Helicon press release:

The original Ditto Looper from TC Electronic forever changed guitarists' expectations of how easy and simple such a pedal could be, so much so that it is now the best selling guitar pedal in the world. Now sister company TC-Helicon is set to do the same for singers with Ditto Mic Looper, a simple looper for vocals and mic'ed up instruments.

Ditto Mic Looper is the perfect looping pedal for singers, beatboxers and acoustic performers who want to realize a layered masterpiece quickly and easily. With just a Loop button, Stop/Erase button and an oversized loop level control, performers can build any idea into a full-sounding performance instantly, while unlimited overdubs and undo/redo features helps to bring the vibe up and down. Plus, the last loop is automatically stored – even when the unit is turned off!

Main Features

  • Easy setup with automatic mic input gain. Just plug in and loop.
  • Dedicated Loop and Stop/Erase switches
  • Pristine mic pre-amp with phantom power
  • Mic Control™ – allows control directly from (optional) TC-Helicon MP-75 or Sennheiser e835 FX microphones

Automatic Mic Gain – What is That?
It's the clever engineering inside Ditto Mic Looper that makes setup painless and means you never have to worry about input levels again. No more trial-and-error to find the optimal balance between input gain on your FX unit and the mixing desk.

Using Ditto Mic Looper is exactly like plugging a mic directly into the PA – you only need to set input gain once, at the mixer.

Two Switches Are Better Than One
While the original Ditto Looper took the one-button approach, Ditto Mic Looper features both a dedicated LOOP and STOP/ERASE switch. The dedicated STOP switch on Ditto Mic Looper means that users can pause their loops with surgical precision instead of having to double-tap. Similarly, holding down STOP to erase won't cause any unwanted playback – as on most single-switch pedals. And while some one-button loopers claim to offer noise-free erase, they do it by slowing the reaction time of the loop switch so it only plays when you release the switch, which can seriously mess with your groove!

The Sound of Control
Ditto Mic Looper carries with it the high-fidelity hallmark of the entire Ditto family: 24-bit uncompressed (and uncompromised) audio. Paired with a great-sounding mic preamp and phantom power to boot, users can pick and choose between their favorite dynamic and condenser mics.

Singers not comfortable with a pedal can simply plug in a Mic Control™ enabled microphone to the Ditto Mic Looper and experience the creative freedom of creating, playing, stopping, undoing and erasing loops directly from the mic.

In short, if you can mic it, you can loop it. Ditto Mic Looper takes care of the rest.


Full Feature Overview
- 24-bit uncompressed audio
- 5 minutes of looping
- Unlimited overdubs
- Undo / Redo function
- Automatic Gain Adjustment
- Instant one-tap Stop feature
- Selectable overdub modes
- Noise-free erase
- Balanced XLR in- and outputs
- Connects transparently between your Mic and PA
- LED-indicator shows Play/Rec status
- Latest loop and overdubs stored between power-ups
- Onboard mic pre-amp with phantom power (24V) for both dynamic and condenser microphones
- Mic Control for remote one button looping with the optional TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone
- USB connects to VoiceSupport for simple firmware updates
- Compact, easy to use
- Rugged all-metal construction

Pricing and Availability:
Available: February, 2015
Price: $149.99 US Estimated Price / £129 UK SSP / €149 EU SSP

More information:


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