New Mic For Guitar Amps

US JZ Microphones introduce the GTR1      19/01/15

New Mic For Guitar Amps

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GTR1 is a new dynamic microphone for guitar amps from JZ Microphones. They tell us that it's the first product specially designed for guitar amps in the JZ  Microphones catalogue.

A spokesperson told us, "GTR1  is  a  dynamic  microphone  specially  designed  for  using  together  with  guitar cabinets   and   combos.  It's a professional   dynamic   microphone   developed   in the   best traditions of JZ Microphones, and provides users with an extended frequency range (50Hz - 18kHz)  to  suite  all  kind  of  musical  tastes,  guitar  sounds  and  genres.  The Neodymium magnet equipped cardioid capsule is housed in a handcrafted all metal body. A pouch and microphone clamp is included in the package."

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Pre-sale in JZ Microphones web store will start on January 21, 2015

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