Podcast: Sonic TALK 388 - Odyssey and A Synthex Please

US NAMM speculation, 2014 picks      08/01/15

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80:3 mins

Gaz Williams - check out his new EP
Rich Hilton - Chic keyboards and Nile Rodgers' studio guy
Dave Spiers - GForce Software's synth expert
Mark Tinley - sound artist and creative thinker

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Back after the Festive break - and we are straight in with a legendary Korg Volca performance from Gaz. The on to speculate on the new Roland JD-Xi synth leak, Axoloti modular DSP, NAMM news- the Korg ODyssey to be unveiled at NAMM, General Music/LEM, Elka brand to be revived in 2015, and our picks of the best of 2014

Don't forget, we're running the Sonic TALK themetune competition - download the new intro sequence byStephen Blacker, and compose your own version,  upload the results and you could win an iZotope Creative Bundle worth $499. Entries close 28th January 2015.

Dave Spiers Merry Christmas Song
Roland JD-Xi
Axoloti - new DSP modular system
Korg/Arp Odyssey gets a website
GEM/LEM/Elka to return on 2015
Best gear of 2014 - via Synthtopia

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