Dynamics Processor For Mac And Windows

US U-He releases Presswerk      22/12/14

Dynamics Processor For Mac And Windows

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U-He says that Presswerk is designed to be a powerful dynamics processor rich with musical soul. A spokesperson told us, "An easy-to-use interface and a rich feature set give you hands on control to all the details of your sound. Presswerk is more than a copycat of other hardware compressors, it blends the warmth of classic hardware models with many modern touches."

Full feature list:

  • 3 different detection topologies: feed-forward, feed-back and interactive
  • Dual channel (stereo) or two independent channels - control values can be set for both channels or each channel independently
  • M/S (Mid-Side) mode - for more detailed stereo processing and delicate mastering tasks
  • DPR (Dual Phase Rotation) mode - creates an emulation of classic outboard gear phase response by rotating lower and mid frequencies at input and output stages
  • Adjustable Soft Knee
  • Compression Ratio - from 1:1 to 20:1
  • Adjustable Non Linear control - simulates the behaviour of specific compressors or gain-reduction circuits
  • Auto Makeup
  • Full envelope control - adjustment the attack, release, RMS window
  • Sidechain ready with 6 / 12 dB high pass & low pass filters
  • Pre or post compression stage saturation with variable "warmth" (tilt filter style) and "dynamics" to model the distortion behaviour of the FET-based voltage dividers from classic devices
  • Internal parallel compression
  • Dry / Wet mix controls with high pass filter and expand options
  • Soft Clip
  • Analogue style VU meters display gain reduction
  • Presets for common compression tasks (eg. mixdown, ducking, vocals)
  • User interface zooms in 10% steps
  • optional visual "overlays" for dual channel mode

Pricing and Availability:
Presswerk is available at an introductory price of $89 until December 31, 2014.
The regular price will be $129.

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