Podcast: Sonic TALK 387 - Surf Rock With Gaz

Phenol synth, new AIRA models, virtual vs orchestra,      18/12/14

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70:5 mins


Gaz Williams - and the Rumble-Os
Rich Hilton - Chic keyboards and Nile Rodgers' studio guy
Robbie Bronnimann - producer and studio owner
Mark Tinley - sound artist and creative thinker


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We start off with an amazing live performance of Gaz's Surf Rock band the Rumble-O's live from the Cube in Bristol where they are setting up for a gig playing the soundtrack to 1960;s surf film, Endless Summer.

Then we attempt to follow that with a panel discussion starting with the new Phenol desktop semi modular synth, then a quick chat about Christmas songs, Boomstars filter come to Eurorack, the new Roland AIRA TR-8 7X7 sound pack and finally in interesting debate on the merits of a real orchestra or sample instruments.

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