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Arturia brings back the Matrix-12 analogue polysynth as a soft synth      08/12/14

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We mentioned it last week in our news story about Arturia's V Collection 4 but now the company has sent us their official press release on the Matrix-12 V. Here it is:

Arturia is proud to announce availability of Matrix-12 V -- returning to its roots by bringing back the classic sound of Oberheim's mighty Matrix-12 analogue polysynth as an authentic-sounding sensational soft synth, albeit one on steroids, boosted by modulation and effects extras in abundance.

Matrix-12 V effectively emulates all the original parameters of Oberheim's expansive (and expensive) mighty Matrix-12 analogue polysynth. Perhaps the crowning glory of legendary Californian synth designer Tom Oberheim's namesake Californian company, the Modulation Matrix that gave rise to this innovative instrument's notable name was a revelation at the time of its 1985 launch. Why? Well, it effectively enabled flexible routing to rival the monstrous modular systems that preceded it in decades gone by, but buried its 'patch chords' behind the vast vista of a futuristic-looking frontage for accessing multiple menu pages with few hands-on controls. Little wonder, then, that top-tier synthesists such as British synth pop pioneer Vince Clarke and German electronic trailblazers Tangerine Dream were amongst its early adopters, attracted to the 15 filter types and almost endless modulation possibilities -- cutting-edge even by today's standards -- and, of course, Oberheim's trademark thick and warm sound that was thicker than ever thanks to 12 truly-independent analogue voices with two oscillators apiece.

Arturia's acclaimed TAE® (True Analogue Emulation) engine enables Matrix-12 V to deftly deliver all that and more to today's computer-based music-making masses for a fraction of the cost of its hefty hardware namesake. New aliasing-free algorithms allowed the varied waveforms of the original Oberheim Matrix-12's two oscillators to be accurately modelled and recreated for starters. So are those 15 flexible filter types (selectable via FILTER MODE). Meanwhile, the MAIN (VCO 1, VCO 2, FM, FILTER, LAG, RAMPS, ENV, TRACK, LFO, and MODULATION PAGE) sections all feature dedicated parameter controls -- unlike the original Oberheim Matrix-12, which was not necessarily an ideal performance instrument. Indeed, all Matrix-12 V parameters can be controlled via MIDI, allowing automation within a DAW or manually with a keyboard controller.

Cleverly, what was once hidden (in hardware) is now revealed (in software) for all to see (and hear), thanks to the crystal clear Matrix-12 V GUI that is as easy on the eye as it is easy to use. Nowhere is this more apparent than when working with the pièce de résistance... recreating the original Oberheim Matrix-12's Modulation Matrix meant Arturia could enhance and expand this ear-opening experience, such are the advantages of working with software. While adding a dedicated drop-down MOD page to show each and every modulation source, destination, and its associated amount aids navigation no end, Matrix-12 V mind-bogglingly doubles the number of routable modulation sources to 40! Flexibly, spatially-aware users can choose from one of six studio-grade effects available in each of the two drop-down FX slots provided. Whatever way you view it, this now-navigable (and affordable) sound designer's dream machine is to die for!

Fortunately for newbies, 500-plus professionally-programmed presets across a wide range of musical styles showcase the sheer scope and power of this innovative instrument. Time to stop dreaming about owning Oberheim's crowning glory and start creating your own musical dreams with Matrix 12-V, maybe? Matrix ownership need not be a back- or bank- breaking affair, after all!

Watch Arturia Vice President of Product Management Glen Darcy's Matrix-12 V two-part tutorial video:

Pricing and Availability:
The AAX-, AU-, VST-, and VST3-compatible Matrix-12 V is available to purchase as a boxed version for €169.00 EUR/$169.00 USD from any authorised Arturia dealer or online as a boxed version or download directly from Arturia here.

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