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US Arturia announces availability of V Collection 4 reference software collection      03/12/14

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Arturia has announced availability of V Collection 4, which it describes as its premium-packaged ultimate reference software collection of keyboards and drum machines, updated and expanded to include all of the cutting- edge company's latest software instruments for demanding musicians. Here's the story in Arturia's own words...

V Collection 4 takes the premium software collection concept musically further forward, packing an even more powerful punch than its V Collection 3.0 predecessor. All 12 of Arturia's award-winning Analog Classics range of authentic- sounding software recreations of classic analogue instruments are now included, including the latest VOX Continental V (Sixties-vintage VOX Continental 300 combo organ), Solina V (Seventies-vintage Solina String Ensemble string machine), and Matrix 12 V (Eighties-vintage Oberheim Matrix-12 polysynth) additions. Also new to V Collection 4 is SPARK 2, Arturia's advanced sound-sculpting and beat performance software featuring over 170 drum machines and over 5,500 patterns ranging from hip-hop to many of the latest EDM genres.

Thanks to those four new software instruments, V Collection 4 represents even better value than its predecessor as the highly-competitive street price remains the same. Saying that, upgraded versions of all other software titles included in the covetable collection make for an improved user experience, as does using Arturia Software Centre (ASC), Arturia's straightforward software protection and registration system that allows activation on up to five computers. And it goes without saying that all software titles included in V Collection 4 provide full compatibility with the latest formats and hosts on Mac (OS X) and PC (Windows).

Whereas the V Collection 3.0 packaging was a somewhat weighty affair, accommodating multiple installer DVDs plus printed user manuals, V Collection 4 stylishly sheds some pounds by helpfully including an all-encompassing installer on one USB flash drive, yet still manages to comfortably accommodate even more printed user manuals in English... one for each software instrument included.

Inspiration comes quickly to those demanding superior-quality sounds, so whether you're a composer, DJ, keyboardist, musician, performer, producer, or sound designer V Collection 4 definitely delivers! Shipping with over 6,000 professionally- produced presets between them, all V Collection 4 instruments are child's play to control with an external MIDI keyboard, such as one of those from Arturia's own KeyLab range. And all will happily run in standalone mode or within your favourite DAW. Do yourself and your music a favour and check out V Collection 4... today!

Pricing and Availability:
Boxed versions of V Collection 4 are available to purchase for €399.00 EUR/$399.00 USD from any authorised Arturia dealer or online as a boxed version or download directly from Arturia here.

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