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US Massive modulation expansion      20/11/14

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iZotope's IRIS software synthesizer took the amazing spectral RX dechnology found in their award-winning audio repair tool RX and applied it to a synthesizer instrument - our Sonic TALK podcast panel can take some credit for inspiring this idea when we discussed RX on the show (ep 192), insisting that it would make an excellent basis for an instrument - iZotope were listening and the rest as they say is history.

But the rest of it is down to the clever folks at iZotope. We had an exclusive session with IRIS 2 product manager Brad Swanson direct from the new iZotope HQ in Massachusettes.

IRIS 2 has taken that initial sound-designers dream instrument - with spectral filtering for each of the sample playback engines and made it available across all four sample slots. The modulation features have also been greatly enhanced with 5 LFOs and 5 Envelopes mappable to any (or all) 100+ parameters.

Available as of today, IRIS 2 comes in AU/VST/AAX and standalone formats, at a special price of $199


Flexible new modulation system
Iris 2's modulation system was completely rebuilt from the ground up. Now, over 100 parameters can be modulated--using up to five LFOs, five Envelopes, MIDI Expression Controllers, and Macro Controls--with a simple, single-click-and-drop assignment system.

Fresh and inspiring patches
An epic library of content is included with your Iris 2 purchase. The Iris 2 Sound Library includes hundreds of exciting new patches by world-class sound designers, plus an 11 GB sample library. Chock-full of 24-bit .WAV files for use in any sampler, the sample library includes reorganized and remastered samples from the original Iris+8 library, as well as 3 GB of brand new samples for Iris 2.

Sample pools that can load a sample and classic oscillator waveforms
Enjoy increased flexibility with four sample pools that allow you to load any sample. Additionally, dozens of classic analog oscillator waveforms (OSC WAVs) are now available in all four sample pools, quickly accessible right from the empty spectrogram.

Completely redesigned interface and experience
Get inspired by a wealth of creative tools at your fingertips. Each knob, button, panel, feature, and workflow has been reviewed with input from dozens of artists and users to introduce new possibilities into your musical process.

Extensive visualizations and metering
Quickly identify the effects of your spectral filtering and processing. Every modulated parameter meters the effects of modulation in real time, and a version of the spectrum analyzer from our award-winning Insight metering suite is included right in the master section.

Enhanced effects and filters
The very best of iZotope's award-winning signal processing technology is built right in, including distortion and filters from Trash 2, a crystal-clean new delay, and modulatable controls of nearly every parameter within the Multi-mode Master Filter and four effects processors.

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