Arturia Plan Next Generation Audio Interfaces

Teaser released, hardware next year      13/11/14

Arturia Plan Next Generation Audio Interfaces

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Arturia continue to move on in their 15 Year Anniversary period to do more Good Things. And why not, with the microBrute and miniBrute under thier belts, why wouldn't they be confident?

At their recent celebrations in Grenoble in France, presentations by Frederic Bruin and Glen Darcey plans were revealed - I guess that means the people in the room are privvy to whats coming, but the rest of us are going to have to wait until the big unveiling, anyone who was there care to leave a comment? ;-).

So what is it that is coming? A new and revolutionary audio interface thats what. I know, its going to have to be pretty awesome to live up to the hype, but apparently it is all that, and we have a picture too. But for more details - like number of IOs, sample rate, connectivity, price etc, you're going to have to wait.

Apart from that, there is no more information forthcoming.




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