GForce Oddity 2 Announced - Chance To Win Arp AXXE

US Authentic Odyssey emulation packed with new features      06/11/14

GForce Oddity 2 Announced - Chance To Win Arp AXXE

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Our friends over at GForce Software have dropped news of their award winning Oddity Software Synth a software modelled version of the classic ARP Odyssey - its now Oddity 2.

The new version will be available as  standalone as well as plug-in VST/AU/RTAS and 64-bit.

With months development behind it, the Oddity 2 has many new features as outlined in this accompanying video. One particularly cool one is the virtually unlimited amount of freely assignable X-LFO and X-ADSR modules which can be assigned to virtually any of the front panel parameters.

Available on December the 1st, you can pre-order now, a process which has been somewhat spiced up by the inclusion of a pristine, flightcased Arp AXXE prize draw to a random lucky person who pre-orders before December 1st.

Available as VST/AU/RTAS


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