Multi-Function Plug-In

US TB Evoke features DC/rumble filter, gate, compressor, sibilance processor and exciter      05/11/14

Multi-Function Plug-In

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Toneboosters says that TB Evoke consists of an integrated DC/rumble filter, a smart gate, a transparent compressor, a multi-band excess sibilance processor, and an exciter in one convenient plugin. They believe that the main benefits of integrating these processes into one plugin are a very low CPU load, low latency, and better integration and interdependencies of these effects compared to a cascade of individual plugins. They tell us that TB Evoke was designed to operate on individual tracks as well as busses, and can handle a wide range of content. Here's a description in Toneboosters' own words...

The gate
TB Evoke's gating section is quite advanced yet easy to use. Just set the gating threshold, its hold and release times, and let the intelligent gating algorithm do its work. No need to adjust frequency ranges, look-ahead or attack times; the gate has many smarts that will do those tedious jobs for you – fully automatically.

The compressor
TB Evoke's compressor section is essentially an overhauled and improved version of TB BusCompressor, which is capable of quite extreme dynamics processing without being obviously present. All common controls such as attack, release, ratio, dry/wet mix and more are available at your finger tips, and the net input/output curve is shown in real time interactively, accompanied by an indication of the current operating point on that curve. For an enhanced workflow, auto release and assisted level makeup (ALM) modes are available as well.

The excess sibilance tool
The excess sibilance section is quite special. Conventional de-essers work in a certain frequency band (for example 4-11 kHz) and attenuate that frequency band if excess sibilance is detected. A significant drawback of that approach is that all signals in that band, including those frequency components not being sibilant at all, are equally affected. This causes de-essers to sound very unnatural. TB Evoke solves this by continuously constructing a 'matched filter' in the sibilance range. Only excess sibilance frequency components will be attenuated and will be processed progressively, while leaving all other frequencies in the sibilance operation range intact. The matched filter curve is visualized in real time and updated continuously resulting in extremely transparent sibilance removal.

The exciter
In contrast to conventional exciters, which are typically based on non-linear elements, TB Evoke's exciter is based on a reconstruction and enhancement principle of transients and harmonic fine structure in the 10 to 20 kHz range. The exciter gives accurate control over which frequency range it operates in. Besides enhancing high frequencies, it can therefore also be used to reconstruct missing frequencies as a result of lossy audio codecs.

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