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US Soundiron releases Sick Volume 5      05/11/14

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Soundiron tells us that Sick Volume 5 is the latest entry in their annual Sick series, exploring melodic and exotic tuned plucked strings and mallets, unique winds and musical effects for the sci-fi, horror and mystery genres. They say that it also includes an extensive collection of evolving tonal pads, atmospheric soundscapes, harmonic clouds and menacing drones, and that it's also perfect if you just want fresh, unique musical sounds with an unconventional character and organic playability. Here's the details in their own words...

This library features 5 acoustic instrument sets, recorded in a bright chamber with adjustable close and far mic positions. The "Astral Dirge Pipe" is a custom contraption sort of like a tuned didgeridoo, with chromatic sustains, staccatos and effects. The "Channeling Tube" is a classic spring-powered "Thunder Tube", played both percussively and tonally by plucking the spring at differing lengths. The Conjuring Bell is a beautiful pair of chimes with sound holes at their base, to allow thumbing "wah-wah" effects similar to a vibraphone. We recorded lots of mallet, stick and strike variations with them, using different oscillation patterns.  The "Spectral Moaner" is a droning wind instrument swung in an overhead arc to produce a harmonic series as speed increases.

And the "Demon String" is an acoustic guitar outfitted with a Vo-96 guitar synthesizer that produce infinitely self-sustaining richly harmonic drones. We recorded a full range of string plucks, plus major, minor and octave chord types. Finally, you get 60 tuned and evolving mystery, sci-fi and horror ambiences and soundscapes. Every preset includes cutting edge control features, rack FX and otherworldy convolutions to allow you plenty of creative control.

Sick 5 includes 8 master bank presets with dozens of articulations, 1452 unlocked wav samples and is 4 GB installed. This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5.1 or later and is not supported by the free Kontakt Player.

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On sale now for only $39 (Normally $59). The special intro deal runs through November 10th.

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