Tuned Water Vase Percussion

US Soundiron releases Iron Pack 8 sample set      26/09/14

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Soundiron tells us that Iron Pack 8 is built on a hand-played, tuned chromatically sampled water vase set. They say that it's a crisp, yet warm tuned percussion instrument, with a slightly round attack and crystalline sustain. In addition to the acoustic preset, there are 11 unique ambient pads, organic "synth" leads and evolving atmospheres, designed by  Spencer Nunamaker. Each preset includes a variety of sound-shaping controls, time-stretching, reverb & FX impulses and more. Check out Spencer's video walk-through above...

This library requires the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later or an SFZ 2.0 compatible engine, such as the free Sforzando Player by Plogue, Camel Alchemy or Linux Sampler.

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