Akai Drop A Massive MPC OS Update With 1.7

AAX, Mixer updates, loop record plus 100 other tweaks      09/09/14

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The MPC story is one that spans many decades, hey even a couple of Centuries! In recent years since inMusic brought together a bunch of brands, their software development has been accellerating. the MPC Rennaisance (see our presentation) split the MPC experience into a harware and software. It seems that the appetite for all things MPC has not diminished.

The new update - V 1.7 is available for free to existing MPC Rennaisance and MPC Studio owners and adds many new features and enchancements. The headline news is that it is now available as an AAX plugin making the MPC workflow available within Pro Tools 10 and 11. Additionally, there's an all new Mixer architecture sepcifically:


  • Tracks are no longer audio channels, but house MIDI data.
  • Each program is an audio channel, complete with its own insert effect chain and
  • audio routing options.
  • All program automation (e.g. pad/program audio channel!
  • mixer settings, plus other pad/program automatable parameters) is recorded per- program in each sequence.
  • All mixer channels now have headroom, and can apply up to 6.0 dB boost. (This is available on pad audio strips, program audio strips, the metronome and master volume controls).
  • All mixer values are shown accurately with dB values. This appears on slider scales and on all value tooltips.
  • Audio VU meters reflect accurate audio values in dB.
  • Audio VU meters have peak hold.
Additionally, AIR Instruments Hybrid 3 synth plug-in is now included and integrated into the MPC workflow, you also get two Prime Loops expansion packs.

New Features Bullet Points:

  • AAX plugin compatibility for use with Pro Tools 10 and 11
  • All-new audio mixer architecture with improved metering and control
  • Multi-processor audio path with enhanced performance
  • Extensive track automation with in-depth visual feedback
  • Hybrid 3 built-in; a virtual synth from AIR Music Technology
  • Comprehensive audio export; export audio by program and track
  • Direct Record mode: real-time loop-style sample layering
  • Mixer view filters for customized display of essential parameters
  • All-new expansion browser with adjustable sample-audition volume
  • Two free Prime Loops expansions; 30+ programs of kits, loops, and demo tracks
  • New keyboard shortcuts for greater efficiency during common tasks
  • Over 100 workflow and stability enhancements


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