MMA Sponsors A3E

MIDI Manufacturers Association joins A3E as a Community Sponsor      27/08/14

MMA Sponsors A3E

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The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) has announced it is a Community Sponsor of A3E – the Advanced Audio + Application Exchange – a conference and expo focused on the impact of Algorithmic Intelligence, Mobility, the Cloud, Applications, and New Business Models on Audio Developers, Musicians and other Audio Professionals, and Manufacturers of music instruments and technology.

"MIDI technology is one of the cornerstone technologies that has shaped three decades of popular music. As producers and artists, we depend on MIDI every day and we trust it will be implemented in all of the latest tools at A3E. The MMA has done an outstanding job of keeping MIDI relevant year after year, and in almost every new music making solution that hits the market. I look forward to hearing about MIDI in the Web Platform at A3E, and learn how the MMA will carry MIDI into the next generation of Advanced Audio. There are few organizations that can say they have technology that will be as important tomorrow as it was 30 years ago"
said Doug DeAngelis, A3E Conference Chair.

A3E is being held in Boston, MA on September 23-24 and will feature keynotes, conference sessions, company briefings, an expo floor and performances, including a concert at the Berklee Performance Center featuring Moldover.

"This conference and expo brings artists and product developers together to exchange current information and promote ideas for how technology will change music creation and distribution. For more than 30 years the MMA has brought together technology suppliers and product developers so they could work collaboratively on making sure that MIDI technology evolved to meet the future needs of musicians, so naturally we want to be a part of A3E in every way possible", said Tom White, President/CEO of The MMA.

MIDI is a Grammy-winning technology that enables composing, arranging, producing, and performing music using electronic instruments (hardware and software). The MMA is the authoritative source of the specifications which define how products that use MIDI technology operate. The MMA also assures the continued longevity of MIDI technology by disseminating information about MIDI to the public and by advocating for MIDI support on new platforms and devices. Membership in the MMA is open to anyone with a commercial interest in MIDI technology.

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