CV-Capable Expression Pedal With Dual Outputs

US Pigtronix releases Custom Shop Active Dual CV Expression Pedal      13/08/14

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Addressing a gap in the eurorack and control voltage-equipped synthesizer market, Pigtronix has introduced the Pigtronix Custom Shop Active Dual CV Expression Pedal. They say that not only is it the only active, CV-capable expression pedal available, but it also has dual outputs to control two CV parameters at once. This unique product sells for $249 USD and is available exclusively from Nova Musik.

Here's the details in Pigtronix' own words...

With a range of 0-5V, the Active Dual CV Expression is eurorack-friendly and can also control other gear equipped with 1/8" CV inputs, including Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute, Studio Electronics BOOMSTARs, Tom Oberheim SEMs, and others. The pedal's dual outputs allow for control of two separate CV parameters at once---with a polarity reversal switch on one of the outputs to let you move the values of two separate parameters in opposite directions.

Made in the USA, this is the world's finest expression pedal. The custom-made, sealed potentiometer is precision-engineered to exactly match the throw of the pedal in order to achieve the full range of expression from your CV-enabled synths and modules. High-quality Neutrik jacks and an automotive-grade, textured green finish make this expression pedal both handsome and indestructible.

Pricing and Availability:
$249 USD

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