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US Sound Magic's Reverb bundle features reverb, imaging, surround and delay      14/07/14

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Sound Magic tells us that Reverb bundle contains 4 plugins that specialize in Reverb, Delay, Surround, Sound Field and Imaging at a discount price. The plug-in included are: Neo reverb, Neo Imager, Neo Plasma and 3D Spacer. Here's their description of each...

Neo Reverb is a revolutionary hybrid algorithm and convolution reverb which
combines both advantages of convolution reverb and algorithm reverb. With
this powerful reverb, you can have a high-quality and beautiful sounding
reverb effect for your music.

Neo Imager is a hybrid tool which combines a Stereo Enhancer and an Imager.
You can adjust both the stereo position of your music/tracks and enhance
that stereo feeling as well. It is very useful when you need put an instrument
into a different position, or make a mono recording "pop" into a stereo

Neo Plasma is a new concept in multi delay type effects, completely unlike
other systems. Neo Plasma uses a Plasma Collision System to maximize the
randomness of several parameters, creating a bigger and richer sound than is
possible with standard FX boxes. Neo Plasma features a whole multi delay system
which enables Neo Plasma to produce several kinds of effects

3D Spacer is an 3D effect unit using 3D technology. 3D Spacer brings your
recording into a new audio world. Dial in the separate 3D Effect unit and
choose 7.1 channel output (with 24 Bit/192KHz resolution!) Utilizing the complex
science of the latest Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) and
environment reflection shaping. 3D Spacer can place your recording into a real 3D
space that erases the "virtual "and leaves "reality"!

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