New Sounds For Korg Arranger Keyboards

Pa-Series sounds available online at Korg's Global Sound & Style Shop      14/05/14

New Sounds For Korg Arranger Keyboards

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Korg has announced several new sound collections –– some for free download; some for purchase –– now available on its global Pa-Series Sound & Style Shop. This online store expands the musical options for players of Korg's keyboard arranger products by offering instantly-accessible Sounds and Styles* in multiple musical genres, plus expressive Sounds to please any audience.

The new collections include: Indian, Persian, Peruvian, and Mexican/South American Sounds and Styles.

Indian Sounds and Styles – This is a collection of 82 Styles and 37 Sounds/Performances that are useful for traditional and modern Indian music, and it is compatible with the Pa600. The Pa900 version contains 94 Styles and 48 Sounds/Performances. Now available for the Pa600 (US $250) and Pa900 (US $350) arrangers.

Persian Sounds and Styles – This collection contains 40 Styles and 54 Sounds useful for Persian music, including 48 new drum and percussion samples (such as agogo, conga, timbales and more), as well as 38 loops and 90 instrument samples. Available for both the Pa600 (US $200) and Pa900 (US $220) arrangers.

Peruvian Sounds and Styles – This free Sound and Style pack is compatible with the Pa600, Pa900 and Pa3X arrangers. It contains traditional Peruvian sounds such as Pan flute, Andean Harp, an assortment of percussive and brass sounds, and more. Styles include Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa and more.

Mexican/South American Styles – Originally released for the Pa500, this collection of authentic Styles is a free download that maintains compatibility with current Pa-Series products. It includes 32 Styles such as Mariachi, Cumbia, Mambo, Merengue, Bachata, and more.

Visitors from the global community can browse Sounds and Styles by category, listen to audio demos, and immediately download for use. Current selections are compatible with various Pa-Series products, from the flagship Pa3X to the all-new Pa300, and more.

*A Style is an ensemble of playable sounds, rhythms, and effects that conveys a specific genre or piece of music. Styles respond in real time to players' chord changes, and feature multiple intros, fill-ins, variations and endings for dynamic performances. Korg's Pa Series arrangers contain hundreds of onboard Styles, with the ability to edit, create and add more Styles.

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