The Music Industry Self Help Guide

The first volume in a series of music education guidebooks launches      08/04/14

The Music Industry Self Help Guide

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The Music Industry Self Help Guide – Taking Your Steps towards Trampling Over The Obstacles in an Independent Market is the first literary contribution from author Michael Repel, a longtime working musician and independent record label owner.

After playing with many bands, mentoring artists from multiple genres at music conferences, and receiving multiple submissions from unprepared artists and bands; Repel thought it necessary to provide a book for emerging artists that addressed all of the items that are creating a huge disparity between working musicians and those who are trying to get their foot in the door of the industry.

Deeply rooted in the DIY (Do it yourself) mentality, the publishers say that this book provides a realistic approach to multiple aspects of career development that are overlooked by many entry level and intermediate artists.

A spokesperson told us, "With real world statistics, and at times, some hard doses of common sense; this book is loaded with personal experience in addition to the tools and concepts that every artist needs to move forward in the independent music market. Written in an honest, conversational, though-provoking, and inspirational manner this book will eliminate a majority of the guesswork that aspiring musicians will face and prepare them for the realities of today's music industry."

Preview The Music Industry Self Help Guide where it is currently available for purchase; on Amazon kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Books, Kobo books, Sony books, Samsung Reader, Nook, and Blio.

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A paperback edition is available for US residents by mail-order on the books website for $16.99.

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