The Holy Grail Of Mastering EQs Emulated

US IK Multimedia T-RackS Custom Shop update offers their new Master EQ 432      20/02/14

The Holy Grail Of Mastering EQs Emulated

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IK Multimedia has announced T-RackS CS 4.5, the newest release of the  T-RackS CS (Custom Shop) mixing and mastering plug-in. The new version includes, for the first time in software, what IK say is the accurate model of what can be considered the "holy grail" of mastering EQs plus multiple enhancements of the T-RackS Custom Shop environment aimed at streamlining its usability for both previous and new users.

A spokesperson told us, "T-RackS Custom Shop 4.5 offers a unique mixing and mastering shell system that allows the user to have up to 26 of the world's most sought-after outboard processors all available in one product for your DAW or desktop, both singularly or together, for the highest-end sonic experience."

Here's the details in IK Multimedia's own words...

New Master EQ 432
The Master EQ 432 is the first and only digital recreation available in software of the first parametric design EQ that became the basis for all subsequent parametric equalizers in music recording history. It is based on the true "gold standard" of mastering EQs and features an unrivaled level of sonic transparency, high-end magic and intuitive ease-of-use. The original 432 is the go-to mastering EQ in studios around the world because of its inherent musicality, pristine audio quality and transparency that all come from its no-compromise build quality and transformerless signal path. The T-RackS Master EQ 432 duplicates the original sonic character, functionality and familiar look, plus it adds extended features found in this model only. The Master EQ 432 is a stereo 5-band parametric EQ featuring 2 bands of shelving EQ plus 3 bands of peaking EQ.

One Installation, All Available Processors
New users of T-RackS CS 4.5 will experience a single installation process for all of the available modules that installs every available T-RackS processor into the DAW at the same time. This provides immediate access to all the individual T-RackS processors from the plug-in selection area in DAW channel strips plus immediate access in the T-RackS Mastering chain plug-in.

14-Day Demos
Users can also now demo each processor for a much longer time period - a full 14 days - allowing them time to completely evaluate the intricate workings, subtle nuances and sonic characteristics of the unit.

Improved Purchasing: Credits or Currency

Because the processors are immediately available within the DAW channel strip, users can choose to audition the processor or purchase it directly from within their workflow so as not to slow down the creative process. Individual processors are now available for purchase not only in credits but now also in USD/EUR currency either directly from the IK Multimedia web site or through the T-RackS CS application. Each processor features a new "Custom Shop" button that lets users browse the custom shop selection of processors, without having to log in so users can immediately spot the right processor for their needs.

The world's most comprehensive collection, and then some
T-RackS massive collection of mixing and mastering audio processors is unmatched in both "true to the original" sonic perfection and in choice of selection. IK Multimedia has chosen the "best of the best" available units on which to base these T-RackS modules.

Pricing and Availability:
The Master EQ 432 is available from the IK Store or from the T-RackS Custom Shop for an introductory price of $149.99/€119.99 (excl. taxes), or 120 CS Gear Credits. All other T-RackS processors are also available for purchase from the IK Store or directly from within the T-RackS CS "Custom Shop" app. Individual pricing varies. T-RackS CS is a free application that can be downloaded after registration from IK Multimedia's T-RackS web site.

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