Roland AIRA VT-3 From Dancefair

US Vocal transformer - we get a look      17/02/14

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The final peice of the AIRA puzzle is the VT-3 - the vocal transformer  based on the classic Boss VT-1 - which allowed for vocal transforming of both pitch and formant separately and was/is a bit of secret weapon for some producers.

Now I'm not sure what happened to the VT-2, if it actually ever existed. But the new VT-3 takes pretty much the same desktop form factor but with the Lime n' Black livery and an interesting Scatter implementation.

Check it out.

  • Scene Memory: 3
  • -Voice Changer
  • Pitch
  • Formant
  • Robot
  • -Character Type
  • LEAD
  • BASS
  • - Effect Type
  • - Controllers
  • Pitch slider
  • Formant slider
  • Mix Balance slider
  • Reverb slider
  • Character knob
  • Robot button
  • Bypass button
  • Phantom switch
  • Select switch


Many thanks to Eric from for getting the footage.



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