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US Soundiron releases Apocalypse Percussion Elements - Kontakt Player Edition      03/02/14

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Soundiron has announced Apocalypse Percussion Elements - Kontakt Player Edition, which they say is a streamlined concert ensemble and solo percussion collection built on their Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble and Powered By Native Instruments' Kontakt Player engine. Here's the details in their own words...

The lighter and more affordable Elements just focuses on the aggressive, punchy sound of APE's close stereo mic position for single-stroke multisampled articulations. It's designed with your workflow in mind, with a modular interface, intuitive and easy-to-use systems and instant sound shaping tools, with the power to dial in you sound. You can dynamically arpeggiate and import customizable midi clips and use our built in DSP to find that perfect tone or completely warp and mutate the sound.

Apocalypse Elements features over 40 different drums of all shapes and sizes, with ~100 articulations, 8x round-robin and deep velocity layering. You'll find thunderous ensemble and solo bass drums, toms in all sizes, dhols, riqs, frame drums, bongos, octobans, djembes, cajons, doumbeks, a massive snare ensemble and 6 solo snare drum types. We've also got stick clicks, clacks, hi-hats, rides, crashes, splashes, hybrid and FX cymbals, gongs, finger cymbals and so much more.  Click Here to check out demos MP3s of Apocalypse Elements in action!

Apocalypse Elements was recorded in a large, natural hall with large studio mics to capture the deep tonality, resonance and detail of every strike - but you can use the Release controls to shape the decay all the way down from massive hall to a tight room. The powerful user interface offers full automation support and a MIDI groove engine with half, full and double-time modes, quantization, swing,  velocity control and 400 midi grooves. Choose from factory drum mapping presets or create your own. The library also features our enhanced Megamixer for custom ensemble and drum kit creation and multi-layered tuned percussion presets to build your own sonic hybrids. Finally, every preset includes our awesome FX Rack panel with multi-effects, compression, EQ, distortion, 70 integrated reverb convolution impulses and more.

Pricing and Availability:
Apocalypse Percussion Elements is on sale now for 30% OFF - it's only $69 through February 14th. The price goes to $99 after the intro ends.
This special Kontakt Player library also qualifies you for a great upgrade discount on the full unlocked version of Kontakt 5. And all existing owners of the Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble are eligible for a big discount on Apocalypse Elements.

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