NAMM 2014: Behringer X18 Digital Mixer Embraces Tablet Portability

US You've watched the vid, here's the official press release...      25/01/14

NAMM 2014: Behringer X18 Digital Mixer Embraces Tablet Portability

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We brought you a video demo of the Behringer X18 but here's the official details in the company's own words...

Designed specifically for use with the iPad* and other tablet devices, the brand-new X18 is ideal for both live and studio applications, thanks to Midas-designed mic preamps, onboard FX – and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, unleashing the power to mix from anywhere in the venue.

The X18 is an 18-input/12-bus portable mixer for iPad and other tablets, with 16 award-winning Midas-designed mic preamps.

A virtual FX rack loaded with true physical models of famous processors, such as the Lexicon 480L*, PCM70* and Pultec EQs, plus Teletronix and Fairchild compressors, eliminates the need for any outboard gear.

Access is provided to 4 onboard true-stereo (8 mono) multi-effects processors, such as delay, chorus, dynamics and more. Plus the X18 can run production-quality, true-stereo reverbs concurrently with 31-band GEQ – and these are the same effects featured in the award-winning X32 Digital Mixing Console.

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity provides direct tablet control over the mixer's functions – without the need to set up and configure an external router. The freedom to move about and manipulate all parameters of the mix via free, downloadable iOS and PC apps lets the user dial in the perfect sound from anywhere in the venue – or the tracking room.

The fast and comprehensive 18 x 18 channel, bi-directional USB interface also makes the X18 a powerful digital mixing solution for recording directly to an iPad or PC.

"The best part of tablet computing is the way the Behringer X18 brings the power of mobility to the art of making music," said Product Manager, Jan Duwe. "With the X18's beautifully laid out top panel, all you need to do is plug in your mic and line-level sources, grab your tablet and walk away. You can then mix from anywhere you like with the free and intuitive remote control app – right on your tablet."

Ultranet connectivity allows the user to send any of the 18 input sources over Cat 5e cable to compatible gear, such as P16-M personal monitors – or the new iQ Series loudspeakers from Turbosound. This powerful tool makes it easy for individual performers to create their own "more me" mix – and frees the sound engineer to put on a truly great-sounding show.

Pricing and Availability:
The X18 is available at a suggested U.S. MAP of $799.99

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