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New additions to the X1 series and an entry-level condenser      24/01/14

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sE Electronics has announced new additions to the sE X1 Series product range, including re-issuing the  sE X1R Ribbon Microphone, the new sE5 and Magneto, a new entry-level condenser microphone.Here's the full details in sE Electronics' own words...


sE5 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

One of the newest editions to the sE microphone family is the sE5, building upon the well known sE4 and setting a new standard for small diaphragm microphones at its price point. The sE5 offers excellent features and performance specifications including a fixed cardioid polar pattern, 100Hz bass cut and -10/-20dB pad switches and also includes its own custom shock mount - an essential component to reduce the unwanted effects of vibrations or knocks to the supporting microphone stand.

The all new and exciting sE5 is designed for studio and live use and is the ideal choice for recording drums, percussion, piano and any stringed acoustic instrument. The sE5 is also available in a pair with two shock mounts, a stereo mounting bar and sE Electronics flight case.

For more information on the sE5, including a list of full specifications, please click here.


sE X1 USB Condenser USB Microphone

Another fantastic addition to the sE X1 Series is the sE X1 USB. Drawing strongly upon the sE X1 - sE Electronics' most successful microphone to date - the sE X1 USB has been designed to replicate the same professional studio quality sound but in the form of the USB format. As a great addition to the sE Electronics microphone family, the sE X1 USB has been designed for use in the studio and on the go, thanks to its 'plug 'n' play' USB connectivity.

The sE X1 USB also features a cardioid polar pattern, bass cut and 10dB pad switches and ships with its own mic clip as standard. For full technical specs for the sE X1 USB please click here.

sE Electronics has re-issued the sE X1R Ribbon Microphone

When first released, the sE X1R was a low-volume, high-ticket microphone and quickly gained a reputation as one of the best sounding ribbon microphones on the market at its price point. As part of the sE X1 Series, the sE X1R design draws upon the same chassis and design elements as the hugely successful sE X1.

As sE Electronics moved into the high volume MI business the sE X1R was no longer a good fit for the production model of the rest of the sE X1 Series, therefore the product was discontinued and the price reduced. After this price reduction the sE X1R's sales increased leading sE to investigate ways in which it could reduce the production cost without affecting the quality of the microphone - By committing to a much higher volume of production and sharing many key components of the other sE X1 Series of mics, we're pleased to now re-launch the sE the end user a superb mid-market Ribbon mic at an incredibly low price - something that should ensure its continued success. - Mark Porter, Sales and Marketing Director at sE Electronics. For further information on the sE X1R please click here.

Magneto Studio Condenser Microphone

Magneto has been designed from the ground up and features exceptional performance specifications for a studio condenser at its price point. Magneto is a versatile mic and can be used for various applications such as vocals, guitar and drum overheads in both home and professional recording studios alike. Magneto outshines any other condenser microphone in its price range, featuring a high max SPL of 140dB, a high sensitivity level and a very linear frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz. For further info on Magneto click here.

Magneto is also available and shipping as a Limited Edition version - it includes the same exceptional specifications as the standard Magneto but features a unique Limited Edition finish. For more information about the Limited Edition Magneto click here.

Isolation Pack - Shock Mount and Pop Filter

And last, but not least, the Isolation Pack is a new accessory from sE Electronics. A custom designed shock mount and integrated pop filter which has been designed for compatibility with Magneto, the sE X1 Series (sE X1, sE X1R and the new sE X1 USB), along with the sE 2200a Series (sE 2200a II MP and sE 2200a II C).

The re-designed shock mount includes a quick release mechanism for easily securing and removing the microphone, and also features an integrated pop filter, easily height adjustable for the user's convenience. The Isolation Pack is finished in metal making it a durable and washable product, for anyone already owning or considering purchasing a compatible sE microphone, the Isolation Pack is is an essential accessory. Find out more about the Isolation Pack here.




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