Abeem Releases Rack Performer 1.0

Pro-audio software for live performance, sound design and real-time audio processing      08/01/14

Abeem Releases Rack Performer 1.0

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Abeem Live Technologies has released Rack Performer 1.0, which they describe as pro-audio software for live performance, sound design and real-time audio processing. Here's the full details taken directly from their press release:

Rack Performer is a high-level modular environment hosting VST plugins and internal modules (over 100 and counting), with MIDI support, multi-channel audio I/O and internal processing, complete automatic patch-delay compensation, sample accurate sequencing, low jitter and latency.

As a platform dedicated to stage performance, Rack Performer helps the live musician at every step from the rehearsal to the concert.


  • In Patch mode, load and connect any number of effects and instruments
  • Create patches easily and smoothly in a fast OpenGL-rendered patcher
  • A large choice of built-in modules is available, with various mixing and processing effects, filters and many more
  • VST plugins are fully supported, including MIDI sequencers and MIDI effects
  • All connection schemes are possible, like multi-channel and side-chain routings
  • Most internal modules support multi-channel streams (up to 7:1) on their inputs and outputs


  • In Edit mode the application interface is full-screen without scrolling or overlapping windows
  • Dispatch all module interfaces on up to 8 virtual screens, each holding its own rack of modules
  • Select GUI wrappers to build custom control surfaces to focus only on important parameters
  • Modules have their own presets bank where their state and configuration can be stored and recalled at will
  • Quick MIDI controller mapping supports advanced types like 14bit CC and NRPN, along with mapping curves
  • Easily create keyboard splits, layers and merges or transpose notes on the fly by using the provided MIDI effects
  • Incoming MIDI events can be filtered by type at three levels: per MIDI input device, per input channel or ultimately per module


  • High-precision sample-accurate engine allows for low jitter and ultra tight control and synchronization
  • Events sequencing, automation and processing is completely sample-accurate from end to end. All nuances of the performance are more faithfully conveyed, recorded and reproduced
  • Full sample accuracy also permits to have a complete patch delay compensation (PDC) that is not merely limited to delaying audio signals as all controls events are properly aligned
  • Scene Snapshots are an original way to save and recall any instant of the performance in a flash
  • Allocate dedicated audio output channels for audio monitoring, ideal to cue sounds on headphones before playing them
  • Complete multi-channel real-time audio recording support. The recorder can stream to disk any number of channels from any point(s) in the patch
  • Transport bar with auto-hide and a very slim design keeps all synchronization and master clock controls always accessible
  • Use the Live Sync and Full Slave synchronisation modes to lock to external master clocks, using any standard protocol
  • Synchronize to any source exactly like a DJ would do, with the manual sync controls, including Tap Tempo, Sync-to-Push and tempo skew

Key features

  • High-level modular host
  • Over 100 internal modules
  • VST plugins support
  • Scene Snapshots
  • Virtual Screens
  • Low jitter sample-accurate sequencing engine
  • Multichannel audio processing
  • Multichannel HD recording
  • Dedicated audio monitoring
  • Audio: up to to 32 inputs and up to 32 outputs, full-duplex
  • MIDI: up to 128 inputs and up to 128 outputs + routing
  • MIDI Clock / MTC / MMC / MSC external sync

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