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US Soundiron release a new sound library and announce Christmas offers      13/12/13

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Soundiron tells us that they are kicking off their 2013 Christmas event, with new limited quantity Half-Off Doorbuster deals rolling out every day from now until December 25th. Like them on Facebook for daily updates and catch the deals before they run out. They are also extending the intro deal on their new Voice Of Rapture: The Tenor solo operatic vocal library, on sale now for only $99 until Christmas Day.

A new release is the Little Wooden Flutes, described as a powerful little ethnic flute library that combines playable multisamples with a deep collection of beautiful live performance phrases. Here's the details in Soundiron's own words...

We captured the soul of 3 different traditional flutes from two continents in two different environments, including a unique 7-hole carved rosewood Indian Venu flute and larger 8-hole walnut and cedar Native American plains flutes. At only $50, it's an outstanding value.

The Venu was recorded in a close double-mic configuration in a dry studio environment to soak up every subtle nuance and full tonal clarity. This section features chromatic sustains and staccatos in three different types - standard, trilled and overtone. Sustains include 2X round robins per note and key release. Staccatos include 8X round robin per note. The Venu phrases are divided into different keys. Each set can be transposed, tempo-synched, time-stretched, cropped, legato-blended and customized in real-time through our unique phrase sequencer and master control interface. You can custom mix and pan the two Neumann microphone choices (vintage omni and modern cardiod) to create your own robust tonal blend or stereo pair.

The Native American flutes were recorded in a grand hall, with both stage and distant mic positions in wide stereo arrays. This section includes hundreds of soulful long and short phrases, all with tempo-synching and our other advanced integrated design features. You'll also find dramatic flute effects with time-stretching and key transposition. Our Phrase Sequencer allows you to instantly weave these short lines into naturally fluid melodies and passages, with options to fit nearly any arrangement, emotion and tempo. We've also added a substantial collection of rich, harmonically rich resynthesized ambiences, soundscapes, "synth" leads and tonal pads, each hand-crafted from the raw flute source recordings to make them a perfect textural compliment to the library.

Performed by our very own Mike Peaslee, the Little Wooden Flutes library offers many of the cutting edge performance and sequencing features found in our flagship solo vocal libraries, including a full multi-FX rack. This lush, melodic 3GB, 1,921 sample collection of flexible chromatic content, dramatic performance effects and soulful live melodic phrases offers inspiring realism in a convenient package for Kontakt. This standard open-format library includes unlocked full-fidelity 24bit/48kHz wav samples. It requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.1 or later and doesn't support the free Kontakt Player.

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Little Wooden Flutes is on sale for only $35 through December 25th, 2013. That's 30% off the normal MSRP of $50

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