Korg Littlebits Synth Kit Product Page Up

Details and demos      11/11/13

Korg Littlebits Synth Kit Product Page Up

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Its an interesting world we live in, where an educational fun kit can get so many synthesists excited - this has to be one of the biggest stories since MicroBrute, but that's what the Korg/Littlebits collaboration has done. The new Synth Kit - a selection of premade modules which can be patched together in a Littlebits electronics kit esentially takes a two oscillator Monotron and with the MS20 type filter and adds a delay.

Modules in the Synth Kit:



1 Synth Speaker


Looking at these modules individually, they cannot be bought outside of the kit, which means to create your monster synth, you'll need to buy multpile SynthKits for now. But the kit istelf s only $159 - not sure of the UK price probably around 130 if you factor in exhanges rate and VAT.

Its kind of taking the concept modular synths to a new level of affordability. Direct interfacing with existing CV driven gear will require additional electronics, but I'm sure some bright spark, if not Littlebits themselves will provide in time.

As well as the korglittlebits.com site that allows you to register your interest, there's an actual product page up on Littlebits.cc with sound demos and other details as well as ideas for projects.

According to the website, Limited Quantities are available shipping December 6th - though this appears to be in the US only, I can't imagine many electronic musicians who wouldnt be thrilled to get one under the tree.

I foresee another Korg related hit coming, even though it looks like production wont be scaling up until early next year.

And in case anyone who cares is reading this, yes I would love one for Christmas.




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