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Robbie BronnimannRobbie Bronniman is always busy. In the EDM and pop  world his services as a producer and remixer are regularly called apon. Starting out back in the day as dba with vocalist Shaz Sparks, in the past year his works have topped the US Rock and Electronic  iTunes charts with band Thousand Foot Krutch. He's currently working on producing and co-writing an album for new Artist Tina Oldham.

Speaking of co-writing, Robbie and Shaz have become one of the go-to writing partners for the international Drum n Bass and Dubstep scen with credits for: Camo & Krooked, Smooth, Seven Lions, Indivision, John B, L Plus, BCee, Metrik and Niki Minaj

Robbie also works in soundtrack composition with scores for US Films Expelled, No Saints For Sinners, Renee and soon to be released Unlimited.

And there's more - Robbie also tours internationally with Howard Jones as keyboard player and MD as well as running all the technology, which includes a brace of Novation Launchpads.

So, today we get to hang with Robbie in his wonderfully equipped Robot studios - enjoy

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This is too much fun!!! Just fired up the Alphasphere to look at how I could use it in the Anniversary shows. Such a different way to input stuff.


Now an exclusive …. Anyone know what we have here? It's work in progress of my new rig for the up coming shows & beyond….


As is the way was asked to provide the exact arrangement of a track we are doing for the live gigs for Stephen W Tayler who is doing all the visuals so the only way to do it  was to trigger the arrangement parts as we do it live in Ableton & then render the output after. Now onto something completely different.


Couldn’t resist so used my little Particle demo & added in the Minibrute sound I was playing with through the Toneprint pedals then started layering some glitchy ‘Bjork’ style hits & weird a tonal ambiences & a little haunting music box sound.


Running a part from my Arturia Minibrute into the Toneprint pedals.
The flashback delay gives a great 2290 mode & I'm a sucker for the modulated reverb setting in the Hall Of Fame…changed the pitch of the sequence with the ribbon on my Ekdahl Polygamist.


As is always the way a little dabble with the Particle pedal & I had to crack into my recently aquired array of TC Electronic Tone Print pedals. Never been a pedals kind of guy in the past but these Toneprints do satisfy the tweaked in me as I can connect them to one of my macs & dabble. I particularly like the Mojo overdrive & the flashback/hall of fame combo…..will post a little sequence


Just gave this little Red Panda  Particle pedal a little test with a simple type sound from my OP-1 & a little Valhalla Shimmer Reverb added….It’s a whole heap of granular delay style fun really looking forward to putting it t good use on the output of my Korg Delta for a new track.


This just turned up from the nice delivery man will need to have a break from the other stuff to give this a whirl…. Now to find a 9v adaptor that's correct in the adaptor graveyard


It's actually nice when backing out stems & samples to hear things you had forgotten about in isolation. I love these arpeggios which are a part from another new track 'Joy' feels so uplifting. I can never get enough of the dbx-160 sound whether on my UAD or the NI version it always adds that lovely spit & bite. Really been enjoying the Vengeance Philta recently as you can give sounds a lovely lofi edge with it & the Softube Spring Reverb always add's that retro sheen.


When you are producing a project that starts in the studio then sprawls into the live arena you have to keep on top of so much data management for all the different off shoots of sets of stems, samples, midi data, etc. Sometimes you feel more like a data entry clerk than a musician but its so worth it when you have to pull all those things together


Someone just asked if I still use the Euphonix (Avid) Eucon Controllers & the answer is yes.


Currently preparing for 3 special Howard Jones 30th Anniversary shows at the end of the month. We have been working on 7 new tracks to be premiered at the gigs & this is one of them 'The Human Touch' We will be running a combination of Howard & I playing live keys, Howard singing our drummer Jonathan Atkinson playing a custom electronic kit & me running an Ableton rig for all sorts of duties like sequenced parts, vocal fx, vocal harmony generation & overall manipulation. I need to back out the mixed drum sounds today for some of the tracks today so Jonathan can get them into his Mainstage setup & start learning the parts which in the case of a few tracks are anything but standard drum fare.


Morning all just another day in my studio (Robot Studios). I have so much on at the moment my daily list of jobs almost resembles dropping a comedy till roll on the floor that keeps on rolling.


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