Social Media Promotion For Musicians

US Bobby Owsinski releases a manual for marketing yourself, your band and your music online      05/11/13

Social Media Promotion For Musicians

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After numerous requests from musicians, artists, bands, engineers, producers and songwriters all over the country, best-selling recording and music business author Bobby Owsinski has finally put the social media strategies taught in his famous clinics into a new book called Social Media Promotion for Musicians: The Manual for Marketing Yourself, Your Band and Your Music Online.

A spokesperson told us, "Published by BOMG Publishing and topping out at 300 pages packed with insider tips and tricks, Social Media Promotion for Musicians provides the latest techniques used to raise your online profile more effectively and efficiently than you ever thought possible, which can lead to more fans and followers, increased page, post and video views, and greater ticket and merch sales. Best of all, the information is laid out so anyone can do it!

Social Media Promotion For Musicians covers all aspects of a musician's online presence on the most widely used platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and various bookmarking sites. Special attention is also given to personal and band websites, blogs, newsletters and branding."

Among the many social media aspects that the book covers include:

  • How to increase your online exposure to increase your fan base
  • How to have more time for music by saving at least an hour every day on common social media operations
  • Exclusive promotional tips that boost your views and followers
  • How to uncover and develop your brand
  • The secret behind successful tweets and posts
  • How to craft an effective newsletter to increase your ticket and merch sales
  • 10 ways to make sure that fans, music critics and bloggers, bookers and promoters, and agents and managers always have your latest information
  • Ways to optimize your YouTube channel and videos to maximize your views


About The Author

A long-time music industry veteran, Bobby Owsinski has become one of the best selling authors in the music recording industry, with 19 books that are now staples in audio recording, music and music business programs in colleges around the world, including the best selling "Mixing Engineer's Handbook," "The Recording Engineer's Handbook," "How to Make Your Band Sound Great," and "Music 3.0:A Survival Guide For Making Music In The Internet Age."  Many of his books have also been turned into video courses that can be found online at He continues to provide clinics, workshops and master classes at conferences and universities world-wide.

Pricing and Availability:
The book can be purchased in both print and Kindle form on Amazon.

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