Line 6 Announces New Wireless Mic

US Relay V75-SC is a 14-channel super-cardioid microphone/transmitter      24/06/13

Line 6 Announces New Wireless Mic

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Line 6 has announced the new Relay V75-SC 14-channel digital wireless handheld microphone/transmitter with super-cardioid dynamic capsule. They tell us that, designed for use with the XD-V75 digital wireless system, Relay V75-SC isolates vocals while rejecting stage noise, resulting in supreme vocal clarity and articulation.

V75-SC is the first Line 6 vocal wireless solution to be released under the Relay brand. XD-V75, XD-V55 and XD-V35 vocal wireless systems will also join G-series instrument wireless solutions as part of the  Relay family, giving, says Line 6, musicians a single source for the best-sounding, most reliable wireless in the industry.

Max Gutnik, Vice President of Products, Line 6, told us, "Discerning vocalists require a microphone that delivers pristine sound quality, even on loud or crowded stages. Relay V75-SC features a super-cardioid polar pattern that delivers excellent on-axis response while preventing feedback and bleed-in from other instruments--giving vocalists the confidence they need to deliver their best performances."

Line 6 says that, featuring 24-bit audio quality, 10Hz to 20kHz frequency response and a wide dynamic range of up to 118dB (A weighted), the Relay V75-SC signal is so clear and strong that it sounds and performs like a wired microphone. They tell us that, thanks to compander-free Line 6 digital wireless technology, Relay V75-SC allows vocalists to convey every nuance of their performances to the audience with crystal clarity.

A spokesperson told us, "Relay V75-SC also offers four exceptional microphone models--including three based on the world's most celebrated super-cardioid live mics--allowing vocalists to choose the perfect sound to match their voice, performance style and venue. Relay V75-SC is a durable, dependable microphone transmitter designed to provide reliable performance night after night. The rugged metal body is engineered to withstand the elements and minimize handling noise. A custom hard-shell touring case with soft inner padding protects Relay V75-SC while traveling."

Updates to Popular Digital Wireless Systems

Line 6 also announced updates to the XD-V55HS, Relay G90, Relay G50 and Relay G30 digital wireless systems:

  • The XD-V55HS digital wireless system is now available with a tan headset option (in addition to black), allowing performers and spoken word presenters to choose the finish that's right for them.
  • The free v2.0 firmware update for Relay G90, Relay G50 and Relay G30 guitar wireless systems allows guitarists to switch between RF1 and RF2 operating modes, enabling compatibility with other RF2 devices such as the Line 6 XD-V series. Additionally, RF2 operating mode enables 14-channel operation for the Relay G90 system, and reduces impact on other devices operating in the 2.4GHz space.

Pricing and Availability:

Relay V75-SC is now shipping.
XD-V55HS (Tan) is now available.
Users of Relay G90, Relay G50 and Relay G30 can download the free v2.0 firmware update now.

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