MESSE13: Novation Bass Station II Analogue

The classic Bass Station gets a reworking to bring it firmly into the the 21st century      08/04/13

MESSE13: Novation Bass Station II Analogue

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To celebrate their 21st birthday Novation give us the Bass Station II. A complete rework of the original. Now with a fully analogue signal path that gives us two filters, two oscillators plus a sub oscillator, patch save, and an analogue effects section consisting of distortion and Osc filter mod. In addition to this we also get a step-sequencer, an arpeggiator, two octave velocity sensitive keyboard and a powerful modulation section.

It been twenty years since Novation released the original Bass Station, however the synth's designer Chris Huggett has a heritage which spans back to the seventies having designed the classic Wasp and later working on the digitally controlled analogue synth, OSCar. The "Classic" Bass Station filter can be seen as a direct descendant of the Wasp and can give us that classic British tone that has been missing from more recent analogue synthesizers.


Key Features

  • Analogue synth: brand new version of the classic BassStation. Bass Station II has a
  • pure analogue audio signal path, reviving the spirit of the original BassStation with an allnew design optimised for bass
  • Two distinct analogue filters: In addition to the original 'Classic' BassStation filter, there's a brand new 'Acid' diode ladder filter for squelchy 303-esque bass sounds
  • Load and save patches: 64 factory patches on-board with room for 64 more of your own.
  • Save more to your computer via USB
  • Pattern-based Step Sequencer and Arpeggiator: Bass Station II has an arpeggiator with a programmable step sequencer that enables you to store and call up patterns as well as quickly sketch out ideas
  • Instant hands-on control: Instant hands-on control of the sound engine via a traditional analogue synth control panel
  • Two Oscillators plus an additional Sub Oscillator: Bass Station II has two sync-able, tune-able oscillators with four selectable waveforms, plus a third sub-oscillator for generating enormous bass sounds
  • Analogue effects section: Bass Station II includes fully analogue distortion and filter modulation effects and a separate filter overdrive to add aggression and crunch
  • Powerful modulation section featuring two Envelopes and two LFOs: Two ADSR envelopes for amp, filter, pitch and pulse width modulation alongside two LFOs with waveforms including triangle, sawtooth, square and sample & hold


Worldwide Availability: June 2013

Pricing at dealers: £399.99 inc.vat / €469.99 / $499.99

From what we can see in the pictures and press that novation sent us, there is one thing that has been missed off the analogue mono bass synth check list, and that my friends is a CV/Gate interface. So although this baby is analogue it wont be interfacing with your modular, which I think is a bit of a shame.

As always we will endeavour to be first on the scene at MusikMESSE 2013 and give you the first look at this new addition to the Novation family.

Edd Butterworth

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