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Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys for iPad      18/03/13

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Gospel Musicians has released Neo-Soul Keys for iPad in the Apple App store. You can download all three versions
(Mark I Suitcase, Mark I Stage, Wurlitzer 200A) for FREE on a limited use basis.

Gospel Musicians tell us that Neo-Soul Keys for iPad is specifically designed for professional gigging or live studio work. They say that their goal was to build a professional app that could compete with any hardware synth and/or desktop audio electric piano

A spokesperson told us, "Gospel Musicians is one of the first app developers to feature flash memory streaming using Apple CAF lossless format. Gospel Musicians worked directly with Apple's engineers to refine this new custom feature in the iOS,
which allows for larger samples to be streamed via the on-board flash memory. Not having to rely solely on a
limited amount system RAM resources allows for a more rich and expressive sample playback experience, which
almost equals the experience of their desktop predecessor versions. In fact, all but the extended effects are featured
in the iPad version. All mechanical effects, Spring Reverb, Chorus, and Vibrato are present."

• 1.25GB of Sample Memory (328.4MB Lossless Compression).
• Up to 8-Velocity layers for sustain samples.
• Dedicated Tine.
• Realistic EP release that decays with time.
• Dedicated Key-up and Key-down mechanical effects.
• Pedal Up and Pedal Resonance noises react with sustain pedal messages.
• Able to play app in the background.
• MIDI Learn.
• Dedicated panic.
• Wi-Fi MIDI capable.
• Ability to save and load presets.
• Treble and Bass Boost.
• Full Retina display.
• Works with iPad 2 and higher.
• Polyphony dependent upon processor, i.e. an iPad 4 can yield better polyphony than an iPad 2.

Pricing and Availability:

Each electric piano will be on sale for $9.99 for an introductory rate.

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