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US Soundiron releases The Musique Box sound collection      22/02/13

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Soundiron tells us that The Musique Box is a comprehensive collection of deeply multi-sampled music boxes with a huge range of extended content, powerful custom interface and cutting-edge performance features. Here's what their spokesperson told us...

We captured 11 different music boxes plus wind-up sfx, in a variety of environments and configurations, from bone dry, to concert hall, to submerged in a bathtub. We also manipulated the recordings to create a wide range of tonal and atmospheric sustains, pads, ambiences and special effect instruments, plus an array of 8 dynamic FX patches and another 10 custom presets to open up a wealth of creative possibilities right out of the box.

Our goal wasn't to simply deliver the most comprehensive music box library possible, but to provide simply unmatched creative tools that turn these humble music boxes into heavy duty compositional power tools for custom tuned percussion design. Next to the Musique Box, the rest are just toys.
All music boxes are easily loaded and shaped within the master presets, so you can load and blend new instruments instantly. We give you full control over every aspect of the sound right on the front panel, including sound selection, dynamic swelling, note attack, sample start offset, release gating, pitch shifting and key range control for each instrument layer. We've extended the note range to span the full scale, exposing powerfully rich bass tones and tight, percussive high notes well outside ordinary limits.

We've also included 24 sustaining ambient tuned instrument soundsets and evolving sound-scapes that warp the raw organic sounds into new shapes and dimensions. You'll also find a set of 8 stylized special-effect music boxes in the BoxFX patch. The library also features 10 bonus custom presets, including the bright Glockencelest and haunting Glass Armonica. These demonstrate limitless creative potential possible with just a few knob turns.

Each preset includes the Effects control panel, featuring a parametric EQ for tone shaping and our powerful exclusive Uberpeggiator system, capable of freestyle and 32-step tempo-synched humanized groove creation, sustaining rolls, chord- and key-constraint and custom arpeggiation pattern saving and loading. You can also drop the instruments into a wide variety of natural and other-worldly environments with our custom reverb controls, with 45 real-world environmental and room impulses and 25 original FX convolutions.

The Musique Box includes 1680 Samples and weighs in at 2.16GB installed.

Pricing and Availability:
The Musique Box is priced at $49, but it's available now for only $29 through Feb. 28th, 2013.

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