An Electric Piano For Your iPad

US IK Multimedia releases iLectric Piano      14/02/13

An Electric Piano For Your iPad

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IK Multimedia has announced the release of iLectric Piano, which they describe as a studio-quality electric piano app for iPad, now available on the App Store. They tell us that electric Piano offers over 40 classic electric pianos, electric grands and clavinets, all carefully sampled from the original instruments. Here's more details direct from IK Multimedia:

From clean and icy-cool to sharp and staccato to growling and distorted, iLectric Piano faithfully recreates the gamut of classic electric piano sounds - tones heard on countless hit songs, iconic jazz recordings and classic rock albums. The sonic quality of iLectric Piano rivals that of the best electric piano instruments for Mac/PC.

EP Paradise
iLectric Piano's collection of over 40 sounds includes must-have classics "EP" and "Wurly" (sounds based on Rhodes® and Wurlitzer® instruments, respectively), which emulate two of the most iconic electric piano sounds of all time, and come in both stage and suitcase incarnations, along with other variations. 

A number of different "Clavs" are included, plus "Pianet" and "Cembalet" (all three are based on Hohner® instruments). "FM EP" (sound based on the Yamaha® DX-7) is a drop-dead emulation of the hugely popular, bell-like electric piano sound from a groundbreaking FM synth from the early days of MIDI. "E Grand 1" (sound based on Yamaha® CP-70) emulates the full-size electric piano that was housed in a baby grand-style cabinet, and "E Grand 2" is a sound based on the Kawai® version of an electric grand.

Thanks to its ultra-low latency engine and instruments that are multi-sampled at multiple velocities, iLectric Piano provides a realistic playing experience. The app has an on-screen keyboard, which easily slides to change octaves.

iLectric Piano is equipped with a powerful and flexible effects section that provides the tools to customize and creatively alter the piano sounds. Up to four effects can be used simultaneously, including EQ, Reverb, Overdrive, and a choice of five different modulation effects: Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Phaser and AutoPan.

Hit Record
The accurate and warm-sounding instruments available in iLectric Piano are sure to spur creative playing and musical ideas, and the app is equipped to capture both with its onboard MIDI recorder. Finished recordings can be exported as WAV or m4a audio files via file sharing, email, and the copy function. For added convenience and control, iLectric Piano's parameters can easily be assigned to be controlled externally via MIDI.

IK Multimedia offers two excellent choices for playing iLectric Piano from an external keyboard: iRig® KEYS, the ultra-portable 3-octave MIDI controller for iOS and Mac/PC, which combines with iLectric Piano to make a high-quality electric piano rig that can be played anywhere; and iRig® MIDI, the Core MIDI interface that allows connection of any MIDI keyboard or controller to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Pricing and Availability:

The iLectric Piano App for iPad is available for $19.99/€15.99 from the App Store on iPad or at iLectric Piano comes with 19 high-quality electric piano sounds. More piano sounds can be added with the Electric Piano Expansion Pack, which includes 22 instruments and is available as an In-App Purchase for only $9.99/€8.99.

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