Organic Synth And Soundscape Collection

US Soundiron releases a redesigned Ambius 1: Transmissions      05/02/13

Organic Synth And Soundscape Collection

Soundiron has released the all new total redesign of their Ambius 1: Transmissions, which they describe as a uniquely nuanced textural and atmospheric fully playable  organic synth and soundscape collection. They say that the new upgrade builds on adaptive groove-building and inspiring tone and texture shaping features that were engineered for the new Ambius 2 Systematik library. Here's Soundiron's description of the new collection:

Ambius 1 Transmissions features a hand-sculpted array of dark atmospheres, drones, pads and tonal sustains crafted from various real-world field recordings and acoustic instruments. It's divided into 3 main categories: Horror, Melodic and Tuned. Each category includes a number of different sub-collections that are easily accessible and ready to blend and shape in multi-layer instrument modules. The Horror category captures creature, hell-scapes and gore ambiences and twists them into hideously dark yet fully playable sound design monstrosities. There's even a playable organ created with actual dental root canal recordings. The Melodics section weaves complex musical elements into undulating multi-timbral dream-scapes. The Tuned category takes natural acoustic instruments and manipulates them into infinitely sustaining multi-layered tonal pads and  organs that preserve threads of their original character and yet veer off into strange new creative territories.

This broad collection of richly nuanced flavors is designed to quickly layer, warp and twist any way you like, with a broad range of tonal and textural elements programmed into uniquely responsive and adaptive instruments. The cutting-edge GUI combines nuanced performance and tone shaping controls with an incredible step sequencing engine that lets you build your own grooves and lock any parameter to any BPM. Ambius 1: Transmissions puts the raw power to sculpt new sonic concepts in your hands.

One of the driving forces behind the development of our original atmospheric synth collection was the desire for a fresh sound based on real organic recordings that was deeply flexible for those of us who like to customize and yet easy enough to dive into right away for those who just want it to sound good out of the box. Using only organic source recordings as our raw elements, we've created a deep pool of content to choose from and shape, with a wide palette of sonic flavors ranging from fat lo-fi leads to crisp, complex hi-fi sound-scapes.

The foundation of the new Ambius 1 was developed for our new Ambius 2 Systematik percussive lead synth and atmospheric design library. This new GUI is wrapped around our unique Instrument Designer system. You can watch a detailed walk-through videos showing how this new system works for both Ambius 1 and 2 Here. Each layer is equipped with independent core parameter control and instant sound loading so your instruments can truly evolve with the music. Each instrument is driven by our exclusive 32-step Dual-LFO groove system with selectable filter modes and the ability to synch nearly any parameter to your host tempo. And our custom convolution loading, mighty Uberpeggiator and full EQ controls give you full control over the sound.

Ambius 1 Transmissions includes 352 long, evolving sound-scapes, deep pads, hypnotic  drones and atmospheres and clocks in at nearly 2.8GB, but its freely mixable instrument design and shaping controls give you nearly infinite sonic possibility with just the twist of a few knobs.

Pricing and Availability:
Ambius 1 Transmissions is priced at $89, but it's available now at a special intro price of only $69 through Feb. 12th, 2013.

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