A Personal Drummer Inside AmpliTube

IK Multimedia introduces Loop Drummer for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch      05/02/13

A Personal Drummer Inside AmpliTube

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IK Multimedia has introduced Loop Drummer, described as a high-quality drum module that's included in the new AmpliTube 2.9, the latest version of IK's  real-time guitar-and-bass multiFX-processing and recording app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. They tell us that the programmable, loop-based drum section lets users easily create custom drum tracks and sync them seamlessly to the AmpliTube recorder. Here's more details direct from IK Multimedia...

With Loop Drummer available inside of AmpliTube, users can jam and practise over single loops or entire drum sequences, or they can compose a full-length drum track (with intro, groove variations, fills, and ending) to be used as a start-up rhythmic base for recording full multitrack compositions on the AmpliTube recorder. All of this can be done inside the app.

Loop Drummer sports over 500 loops, which are available in a variety of popular styles including Rock, Blues, Country, Metal, Funk, and more. Loops are grouped in "Style Packs" containing up to 64 different loops for each of the available styles, which are organized in 8 "songs" with 8 loops each, including intros, outros, fills, and alternate parts.

Loop Drummer's powerful and unique Remix feature allows the production of an entire drum track with a single tap, using an intelligent algorithm that sequences the loops, structuring a song as a producer would do. At each tap on the Remix button, a new track is generated. This allows for the creation of endless inspiring grooves for jamming, practising, or for use in composition.

Alternatively a drum part of any length can be produced by dragging loops into the timeline. Any of the loops can also be customized with the Cymbal button, which sets a crash on the downbeat.

A Tap Tempo button is also available for easily changing loop tempos, and the module is equipped with a high-quality time-stretching algorithm that automatically processes the loops when the tempo is changed. As a result, the loops are usable at a wide range of tempos with no effect on quality.

Loop Drummer has its own built-in mixer controls, with a cool circular volume control that allows for adjusting the overall drum level, independent of the recorder's volume, and also functions as a reverb send.

In addition to Loop Drummer, the new AmpliTube 2.9 adds a handy new feature to the recorder, a pre-roll function that can be turned on and off. The pre-roll gives the musician who's recording two measures to lock in on the groove before recording starts, making it easy to play in tempo from the very first beat.

Pricing and Availability:

AmpliTube 2.9 is available for €17.99 from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at AppStore.com. The AmpliTube App includes Loop Drummer with a free set of 8 loops from the Rock style pack. Eight additional Style Packs (each containing 64 loops) can be obtained via In-App Purchase for €3.59 each. The complete collection is available in the All Style Pack bundle, which sells at the discounted price of €13.99.

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