WNAMM13: Line 6 Expands The StageSource Family

US New L2m and L2t Loudspeakers introduced      30/01/13

WNAMM13: Line 6 Expands The StageSource Family

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Line 6 has announced the new StageSource L2m and L2t loudspeakers, which they say expands the StageSource family with models designed for even greater flexibility and portability. They tell us that, with unmatched sound, unparalleled DSP power, modular architecture and proprietary L6 LINK digital networking, the new StageSource L2m and StageSource L2t loudspeakers deliver more than any other loudspeaker for musicians. 

Max Gutnik, Vice President of Product Management, Line 6, told us, "StageSource L2-series loudspeakers are designed to deliver great sound from solo performances in coffee shops to full-on rock shows. We took the same unsurpassed sound quality, powerful DSP, feedback suppression and digital networking technology as our award-winning StageSource L3 series, and placed it within an even more portable form factor. As a result, StageSource L2 provides more than any other powered loudspeaker in its class--and delivers unparalleled power, ease and flexibility when combined with StageScape M20d as part of the Line 6 live sound ecosystem."

Here's more details direct from Line 6

StageSource L2m is an 800-watt, two-way, bi-amped speaker system that delivers great power, sound quality and dependability. StageSource L2t adds an onboard mixer that provides world-class effects, acoustic guitar modeling and feedback suppression, making it a self-contained live sound solution. StageSource L2m and L2t are designed for seamless integration with other Line 6 live sound products, so customers can use them to extend the capabilities of a StageSource L3m- or L3t-based system, pair them with the 1,200-watt L3s subwoofer, and more.

Both L2-series speakers feature six powerful DSP-based Smart Speaker modes, which enable musicians to optimize the loudspeakers' output for a variety of performance scenarios including front-of-house PA, floor monitor, personal PA, keyboard backline, acoustic guitar backline, or for use with a multi-effects guitar processor as a high-performance electric guitar speaker system. Onboard accelerometers and pole-mount sensors automatically detect the speakers' orientation and set their Smart Speaker modes accordingly.

In live sound situations that require two or more speakers, the StageSource L2 series--as well as the larger L3-series speakers--use a proprietary digital networking protocol called L6 LINK to simplify setup. Loudspeakers will automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization for exceptional sound. If users add one or more StageSource L3s subwoofers, the system automatically sends them the summed signals and sets the crossovers. When combined, Line 6 live sound products form an intelligent ecosystem that sets up faster and helps musicians sound their best.

Pricing and Availability:

StageSource L2-series speakers are expected to ship in January 2013.

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