GC Pro Updates Website

Redesign makes the site a more effective tool for customers      14/12/12

GC Pro Updates Website

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Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, has announced the launch of its newly redesigned website. Here's the details in their own words...


For several years, gcpro.com has been a key hub of GC Pro information, and the new site features regularly updated content and access to the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry. The launch of the updated site coincides with new dedicated GC Pro YouTube and Facebook pages.

Many key features of the new site will be familiar to regular visitors – installation profiles, press releases, news articles, educational partners, Affiliate Program members, Audio Solutions back issues, access to GC Pro Account Managers and much more. This is the content that site visitors have come to rely on at gcpro.com, and it continues to be a powerful set of resources in facilitating an informed customer base with a close relationship to the GC Pro family. The new site improves upon those elements with new features that make the site an even more keenly effective tool for customers.

First, the new site is more fully integrated with GuitarCenter.com, allowing GC Pro to offer online "GC Pro Shopping." Key products in the realms of high-end recording and lighting – GC Pro's bread and butter – will be vetted and endorsed by GC Pro's force of Senior Account Managers and linked directly from the online shop at GuitarCenter.com. GC's online store offers a truly expansive inventory, but the GC Pro Shopping feature allows users to narrow the search to only the most appropriate products for professional use.

The new site also adds a "Find the Expert" section. Depending on where site visitors are located across the U.S., this feature will display the six geographically closest Account Managers from GC Pro's 43 locations. Users can then click on individual microsites for each Account Manager – with access to specialties, backgrounds, interests and expertise – and strike up an email conversation with the correct person right away. The "Find the Expert" feature can also be sorted by product category, whether it be recording or lighting, or even keyboards, software, microphones, live sound and more.

GC Pro Vice President Rick Plushner stated, "Installation profiles, products and personnel – it is all perfectly integrated at the new gcpro.com. The time was right to give the site a boost, so that the level of comprehensive, expert service that our physical locations and Account Managers are known for throughout the industry could make the move to the digital domain. This is all in the name of finding ways to better serve our customers. We are excited for these latest developments as we continue to proudly do what we do."

Derek Snyder, GC Pro Business Development, Western Region, noted, "I am super-excited about our continued forward momentum. Our integration with Guitar Center's main site, along with our new Facebook page and YouTube Channel, gives our customers more visibility into exciting new technology and equally important, a better customer experience by offering the quality and breadth of product they expect from GC Pro locations at the click of a button!"

Michael Guilfoil, GC Pro Manager, Administrator & Installations, noted, "GC Pro can now offer a personalized shopping experience online. Log onto GCPro.com, find your nearest expert, and order all your high end gear without leaving your living room. The site not only offers the latest deals on products, but also provides exclusive installation profiles and updates from industry professionals."

"I'm excited about recent updates to the GC Pro website, as our customers have access to more high quality content," added Dan Scalpone, GC Pro Regional Manager, Southern U.S. "We posted the online versions of Audio Solutions magazine, which has dozens of insightful interviews with industry professionals. We also added The Top Shelf Video program, a one-of-a-kind web-based TV program launched this past fall. The video series features real-world trials of the latest gear and interviews with the folks who actually build the products we sell."

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