Hybrid Modeled Drum Kits With Very Familiar Sounds

US Sound Magic Supreme Drums was recorded at Abbey Road, Ocean Way and The Record Plant      13/12/12

Hybrid Modeled Drum Kits With Very Familiar Sounds

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Sound Magic tells us that Supreme Drums, just released for Windows, starts with the familiar drum sounds featured in many great hits such as The Eagles' Hotel California, Michael Jackson's Thriller and many more... Hmmm, sounds intriguing - let's hear what they have to say in their own words...

"We have created a powerful drum set-up with 19 available pieces and over 10 different kits. To ensure the best possible authentic sounds, Sound Magic not only chose the best drum brands available for sampling (such as DW, Ludwig and Sonar) but also utilized the best recording studios in the world to record them. It took more than two years to arrange for these samples to be created at three of the best known studios of all time: OCEAN WAY RECORDING(The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and more). THE RECORD PLANT (The Eagles Hotel California, Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails and more) THE LEGENDARY ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS (The Beatles and many more) to ensure the highest possible sound quality, we used the best possible gear, including the legendary Neve 88R and SSL 9080J consoles and dCS 905 AD converters.

Over two years of meticulous recording sessions resulted in over 73GB of raw sampling data with different drum sets, sticks, styles and rooms to give us the best possible starting points. It is likely that another Monster Size Drum Sample pack will appear on the market in coming days, but Sound Magic has chosen a different route to bring you these incredible sounds. By utilizing the Sound Magic MCN (Modeling Core Next) Engine, we have successfully modeled this huge data set, and our proprietary technology has shrunk it to a much more manageable 300MB size. This decreased size results in a super fast loading speed and a lightning fast performance response – all with very little impact on your CPU. And Sound Magic brings this home with NO loss of Sound Quality due to our latest modeling technology.

To further ensure the realism of these amazing sounds, Sound Magic employs its Plasma Random System, designed to make sure that successive notes are slightly different. The artificial "machine gun" rolls are a thing of the past!

We've also utilized HD Velocity Layering which extends the traditional 127 velocity layers to 65,536 velocity layers! This allows for the smoothest velocity transitions ever experienced and really brings that "live" feeling to all of your performances.
Careful modeling on our Supreme Drum's envelopes enables you to fully control the dynamics of a performance. And we've incorporated a Performance Key Switch System to make it quicker and easier to switch skill sets and techniques in intensive live playing situations.

Supreme Drums' flexible and comprehensive Mixing Console lets you mix, route and use our built-in EQ and Compression units. You can control individual microphone leakage just like a real world drum recording session. In the mixer, you not only have multiple microphone positions fully under your control, but you can also tweak those microphone leakage amounts, reproducing the leakage between different microphones that would be encountered in a real drum recording. This really brings realism to your recordings! The high quality of Sound Magic's EQ and Compressor gives you control over the acoustic impact of your drums, delivering a powerful modern sound that further enhances the sense of realism in your final product.

Supreme Drums also fully supports our Add-On System Link Version 2. Through this link, users will have the ability to add any of our high quality Neo Line Plugins allowing them to work seamlessly with Supreme Drums. Here is the flexible, extendable effects processing you've been looking for. Our Neo Line Plugins not only bring a higher quality professional standard to effects processing, they make it easier to solve your problems and get that sound you've been looking for quickly and efficiently.

Supreme Drums' Groove Engine provides the perfect environment for editing patterns, setting up performance modes and applying humanization effects for added realism. You can quickly browse the groove files and choose which one you want to play, or you can edit your own pattern on the included Step Sequencer. We have added over 1000 grooves for you to browse and use, royalty-free in your next project."

  • Innovative MCN (Modeling Core Next) Engine modeled drums, 300MB in size with little CPU usage
  • Samples are coming from the best recording studios in the world
  • Innovative Plasma Random System provides anti-machine gun effect
  • HD Velocity Layer supports up to 65,536 Velocity Layers!
  • Performance Key Switch System to make it quicker and easier to switch skill sets and techniques in intensive live playing situations.
  • Multi-microphone positions enable users to mix between different microphone positions and create new sounds that easily fit into a mix.
  • Powerful Mixer and Microphone Leakage setting create a feeling of a real drum recording session.
  • Groove Engine provides patterns for use immediately in you project
  • Build-in 64 Steps Sequencer
  • Powerful Add-on System *
  • Built-in professional EQ and Compressor.
  • Faster load times. Smaller hard drive footprint, less memory and less CPU usage.


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€99 / $129

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