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US PreSonus forms customer satisfaction group      04/12/12

Tell Presonus Just What You Think Of Them

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"In this business," the old saying goes, "it's all about relationships." To that end, PreSonus has announced a new concept in customer relations with the formation of its Customer Satisfaction Group.

As PreSonus CEO Jim Mack explains, the idea behind the Customer Satisfaction Group is to move the concept of customer support to another level. "The old model of simply reacting to people's concerns or problems - no matter how well you do it - is no longer enough," Mack observes. "It's a connected world, and communication is instantaneous. We're reaching out to establish an ongoing, two-way conversation with our customers to find out about their entire user experience - about what they're doing with their gear and about what works for them and what doesn't."

The new Customer Satisfaction Group initiative will be led by Global Service Manager Jon Ross and will combine aspects of the company's Technical Support, Global Service, and Quality Assurance departments. As Ross points out, combining these aspects will empower the group to focus on the entire PreSonus user experience. "From testing and verifying the functionality of new products, reviewing the documentation and packaging, and providing both pre- and post-sales support, the Customer Satisfaction Group will be in an ideal position to truly understand, influence, and enhance the entire end-user experience for our customers."

PreSonus already has a strong presence in the online world, and CEO Mack predicts that will become even larger. "Our people aren't just sitting there and answering the phone when users call," he says. "We're out there on the forums and user groups, in the stores, and at the clubs. We're part of the conversation."

The new Customer Satisfaction Group is part of a global outreach that involves working with users and distributors worldwide, says Mack. "We've got a fantastic network of distributors, and many times they're so good at addressing customer issues that we never hear anything. But for us, it's important to hear from everyone."

The initiative also focuses on streamlining the way users interact with the company. "PreSonus offers an ecosystem of hardware, software, and services like Nimbit," observes Mack. "We're working toward creating a unified user experience where each user can have one account for everything."

"Our best advocates are our customers," Mack concludes. "We have a passionate group of users, and we learn so much from them. A lot of times they're doing things with our gear that we've never even thought of. We're musicians, too, and we get excited just like they do."

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