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US Yamaha and Steinberg join forces to create Nuage      19/11/12

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Yamaha and Steinberg have joined forces to create an advanced production system, Nuage, that they say empowers professionals in the television, advertising, film, and media industries with unprecedented capabilities and efficiency. They tell us that Yamaha hardware integrates seamlessly with Steinberg software in a cohesive platform that ushers in a new era of post-production productivity.

Kazunori Kobayashi, general manager of the Yamaha Corporation Pro Audio Division, told Sonic State, "Nuage is a professional production system that incorporates the most advanced technology and interface design know-how from Yamaha and Steinberg. Yamaha has been manufacturing digital mixers for 25 years, and it is 12 years since Steinberg introduced the first version of the Nuendo DAW. It is a great pleasure to be able to announce such a groundbreaking collaboration at this time, and we are confident that current Nuendo users as well as users who will experience a Nuendo based system for the first time will be more than satisfied with the extraordinary performance and efficiency that Nuage offers."

Andreas Stelling, Steinberg's managing director, added, "Combining Yamaha's long-term experience in creating audio hardware with Steinberg's expertise in software development leads to a system that sets new milestones in terms of operational speed, integration, configurability and design. The Nuage system solution is the quintessence of merging dedicated post-production software and hardware seamlessly together to one complete studio environment. With the Nuage console and Nuendo 6 representing the most sophisticated platform for audio post-production available today, we are delighted to offer existing and new customers a unique approach to achieving higher levels of productivity and quality."

Here's more details from Yamaha and Steinberg:

The numerous hardware and software components that make up a practical post-production system must function as a well-integrated whole in order to achieve professional workflow efficiency and output quality. The Nuage integrated audio production system offers top-class hardware and software working in perfect harmony, for unprecedented mixing, editing, or dialog replacement efficiency in audio post production applications. Yamaha control and interface hardware seamlessly integrates with Steinberg Nuendo DAW software in a purpose-built system that offers all-new productivity and flexibility as well as premium audio quality. For maximum system versatility the dedicated Yamaha control surface and audio interface hardware is modular, and all units communicate with each other and the central computer via a reliable Dante network, so it's easy to create custom configurations to match any application. Nuendo 6, the latest and most powerful iteration of Steinberg's acclaimed digital audio workstation software, is at the core of the system with unbeatable DAW features and performance.

Hardware components available for Nuage systems include the Nuage Fader channel-strip control surface that works with standard LCD monitors to provide smooth visual continuity right into the Nuendo mixing window, the Nuage Master controller unit with everything needed for Nuendo editing in a remarkably efficient arrangement, Nuage Workspace units that aid in creating a unified system layout, three Nuage I/O units that deliver exceptional sonic quality in up to 128 simultaneous channels, and a Dante Accelerator card that gives the computer running the Nuendo DAW extra low latency multi-channel audio data transfer capability. The Nuendo 6 DAW software at the heart of the system is a milestone release that comes with an enviable selection of features not found in any other post-production software.

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