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US Angklung and Sick 3: Dark Places released      08/11/12

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Soundiron has announced the release of their newest libraries, Angklung and Sick 3: Dark Places. Here's how they describe each of them The Angklung is a full-ranged traditional tuned percussion instrument originating from Indonesia, dating back to roughly the 7th Century AD. Over the past thousand years, it has become popular throughout Southeast Asia and Polynesia and can be heard in a variety of traditional and modern music. The Angklung is usually seen as an array of individual tuned instruments, each one comprised of two bamboo tubes in a higher/lower octave pair. It is struck or shaken in single notes and sustaining rolls. The result is a unique clear, woody, rattling note.
For this massive multi-sample library, we've recorded a set of 18 Angklung, tuned over a major scale spanning nearly 3 octaves. We captured each one up close in a dry studio and then in a large open hall with 3 independent mic positions (close, mid, far). We painstakingly recorded each up and down stroke by itself, capturing 48 round-robin variations per-velocity/per-note for the dry set and 16 round-robin variations per-velocity/per-note for the three hall sets. You can also adjust the ensemble "width" of the instrument to increase or decrease the stereo left-right spread of the individual angklung relative to one another on the sound stage.
We also recorded natural hand-played sustaining loops at different speeds and intensities, with smooth dynamic cross-fading between layers and adjustable release samples. And finally, we created a set of ambient soundscapes crafted from the raw source recordings that complement the sound of the instrument.
We've built our Angklung library with full user control, sound quality and feature depth in mind, while maintaining instant plug-and-play usability that will let you jump right in and truly play this unique instrument. Check out the Angklung walk-through video with composer Brad Halverson on the left showing the ins and outs of the instrument controls.
Weighing in at 3.5 GB, Angklung features 7 flexible and intuitive Kontakt presets, over 6700 samples and dozens of custom convolutions integrated into the GUI. As always there is a range of automatable EQ, Reverb and sound-shaping to expand on the creative possibilities that this library offers.
Sick 3: Dark Places is a deep sound & music design collection with 175 long running, highly-detailed professional dark/suspense/horror environments, soundscapes, hellscapes and nightmare worlds. Soundiron's team literally traveled to the edge of a hurricane and wandered the halls of decrepit, vermin infested industrial, military and institutional ruins to capture authentic, production grade field ambiences that truly live and breathe.
Sick 3 also includes a collection of 335 live stereo convolution reverb impulse response files captured in a wide range of remote horror-friendly environments, including bunkers, prisons, waterfronts, graveyards, forests, chambers, warehouses, sewers and more. The impulse collection focuses on darker and more foreboding environments, from derelict prison hall to a claustrophobic earthen grave. Recorded at a variety of capture distances, angles and degrees of occlusion, they provide realistic coloration and spatialization when placing additional instruments, sound design and foley into a mix for music, film, television, video game or multimedia production.
This array of stylized, yet acoustically accurate impulse responses are provided as standard stereo PCM waves that are compatible with any convolution effect, host, virtual instrument or utility that supports wav impulse import. But we've also taken it farther and programmed the impulses into actually playable "percussion" ensembles. Each transient response is imbued with the natural acoustic properties of the space it was captured, allowing you to essentially play the physical world as if it were a massive drum set.
This library's sample content and convolution impulse responses have been carefully designed to meet the needs and standards of professional sound designers, re-recording mixers, film-makers, game designers and post-production specialists. However, it has also been programmed and tailored it to fit seamlessly into the creative workflow of composers and songwriters seeking mood-enhancing, textural and experimental source material.
Sick 3: Dark Places is a massive 4.5 GB and features 16 flexible and intuitive Kontakt presets. As always, we've added a range of automatable EQ, Reverb and sound-shaping tools integrated into the custom GUI. Pricing and Availability:
$79 each.
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