Benny Benassi Installs Bassbins On The Bus

US Currently on tour, he takes the music with him      23/10/12

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Benny Benassi is a Superstar DJ - no doubt in my mind, also many consider hom to be one of the nicest, most down-to earth chaps in the business - if you check his twitter feed, you can see he's always up for a photo with the fans.

He's currently on tour in the US  till the beginning of November when he comes back over to Europe to continue his good work. 

His brutal,  minimal mixes with extreme sidechain compression formed a whole new soundscape - starting with the unforgettable Satisfaction - who can forget that video? 

For the Rough Road Tour Benny has a pretty tricked out tour bus with custom paint job,  which whisks him across America in true rock n roll fashion. In this first episode of Rough Road Bus Tour, they take the concept of in-car sound system to a new level, installing a selection of RCF speakers in the under bus storage for maximum bass.

Tour Dates below:

All Day
Buchanan's (Congorock, Pink is Punk Supports) 
Buchanan’s, El Paso (TX) - USA
25/10/2012 - 26/10/2012
All Day
Marquee Theatre (Congorock, Pink is Punk Supports) 
Marquee Theatre, Tempe (AZ) - USA
All Day
Oracle Arena (Appearing as part of Live 105 SpookFest) 
Oracle Arena, Oakland (CA)
11:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Marquee (Pink is Punk Supports) 
Marquee Nightclub (Cosmopolitan), Las Vegas (NV) - USA
All Day
Exchange (Congorock, Pink is Punk Supports) 
Exchange, Los Angeles (CA) - USA
All Day
Fluxx (Congorock, Pink is Punk Supports) 
Fluxx, San Diego (CA) - USA
All Day
Earl Warren Showgrounds (Congorock, Pink is Punk Supports) 
Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara (CA) - USA
All Day
Sunrise Event Center 
Sunrise Event Center, Sacramento (CA) - USA
All Day
Roseland Theatre (Congorock, Pink is Punk Supports) 
Roseland Theatre, Portland (OR) - USA
All Day
Showbox Sodo (Congorock, Pink is Punk Supports) 
Showbox Sodo, Seattle (WA) - USA
All Day
Celebrities (Congorock, Pink is Punk Supports) 
Celebrities, Vancouver (BC) - CANADA
All Day
Electric Brixton 
Electric Brixton, London - UK
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Traditional music session 
The Crane Bar, Galway Galway
10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
6 Nations, Italy VS Ireland 
Taaffes Bar, Galway Galway


Check out the seminal Satisfaction video (NSFW)

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