New Amps For Amplitube

US IK Multimedia releases new officially certified Orange, and Carvin models in AmpliTube Custom Shop 3.9      19/10/12

New Amps For Amplitube

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IK Multimedia has announced the release of AmpliTube Custom Shop 3.9 software for Mac and PC, which brings with it a selection from two amp manufacturers, and expands the total Custom Shop collection to over 265 individual pieces of gear.
Running standalone or as a plug-in for all major formats, version 3.9 debuts new officially certified models of Orange and Carvin amps and cabinets, all available for individual purchase from the AmpliTube Custom Shop. Here's the details directly from IK:
New from Orange
Orange Amplification products have been available in the AmpliTube Custom Shop since its debut. They have been making the gear guitarists and bassists have been lusting over for more than 50 years and these are some of the most popular models in the Custom Shop.
  • The Orange OR50 head brings back those late '60s and early '70s beefy British-rock crunch tones, yet cleans up nicely with a twist of your guitar's volume knob. It's a 50-watt all-tube model featuring a simple control layout: Preamp Gain, 3-band EQ, HF (high-frequency) Drive, and a Master Volume.
  • The Orange AD200 Bass Mark III offers straight up bass tone with simple controls and beautifully constructed bass response. The original amp was so good that for years it was the only bass amp Orange manufactured.
  • The Orange Dual Terror is a dual-channel amp features a "Fat" channel for ultra-warm rhythm and smooth-distorted lead tones, and the "Tiny Terror" channel, which dials in tones from clean to ear-crushing.
  • New Orange Bass Cabinets include the Orange OBC410, the OBC-115 Single 15", and the OBC-810 8x10". Each cabinet model features a dual-mic section with blend controls and a room-ambience control with dual room mics for creating the perfect ultra-realistic recording space. Carvin
    The Carvin Company has been making quality products for musicians since the 1940s when founder Lowell Kiesel started winding pickups for instruments on an old sewing machine. Carvin has since become an American heritage music company, building solid powerhouse instruments, amplifiers and sound reinforcement systems distributing direct to consumers for over 60 years.
    • AmpliTube Custom Shop now includes the officially certified model of the versatile Carvin V3M guitar head, featuring 3-channel operation plus a global master-control section. Channels 1 and 2 are identical "lead" channels, each with a 3-way drive switch, channel volume and 3-band EQ with an EQ "X" control for adjusting the mid-frequency point of the bass and treble controls. Channel 3 is the "clean" channel, with a 3-way drive control and the same EQ setup. The master section controls the overall volume, reverb and Boost levels. The IK model features a selectable power mode with 50W, 22W or 7W options.
    • Also new is the Carvin 2x12 V3M, the matching cabinet.
      About the AmpliTube Custom Shop:
      The AmpliTube Custom Shop is a full featured virtual guitar rig application and plug-in for all popular DAWs that allows players to purchase gear one piece at a time, as they need it. It is well stocked with over 265 models of gear from the worlds top manufacturers of gear, including Fender®, Ampeg® Orange® Soldano® Jet City®, Carvin®, T-Rex®, Gallien Kruger® and more. Players can demo fully functioning models for a period of two days, making AmpliTube Custom Shop the ultimate "try before you buy" experience. AmpliTube Custom Shop software is available as a free download from the IK Multimedia web site, and comes with 24 pieces of gear.
      Pricing and Availability:
      To access the new gear models in the AmpliTube Custom Shop, users need to download AmpliTube version 3.9, which is a free update to AmpliTube 3, and is available for Mac/PC computer systems. The gear models in the Custom Shop are sold using Gear Credits and are priced between 5 and 30 credits each. Gear Credit Packs start as low as $19.99 / €14.99 (for 20 credits) and go up to $299.99 / €224.99 (for 500 credits). More information:

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