Hip Hop Kits For SPARK

US Hip Hop Essentials Expansion Pack for Arturia's creative drum machine adds 30 kits from Rick Stone      19/10/12

Hip Hop Kits For SPARK

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Arturia has announced availability of Hip Hop Essentials, the latest Expansion Pack for its SPARK Creative Drum Machine hybrid hardware/software beat production centre.
Hip Hop Essentials adds 30 hip hop kits which Arturia tells us are carefully crafted by LA- based producer and hip hop whizz Rick Stone. They say that these deliver everything urban artists and producers need to take their tracks to the next level of genre-defining creativity -- from classic rap anthems through to the most recent dance styles and beyond into rough and edgy alternative hip hop territory. Having produced, remixed, or designed sounds for artists as diverse as Ice Cube, Snoop, Dr Dre, Lil Wayne, Whitney Houston, and Lil Kim, as well as working with Deathrow Records and Motown, Stone should know a thing or two about creative stylistic shifts -- and creating hits with the finest urban beats.
An Arturia spokesperson told Sonic State, "Hip Hop Essentials sees Stone cooking up an astonishing array of ear-watering musical flavours with raw and effected kicks, snares, claps, hats, FX, percussion, and chords -- all served up on a sizzling sequenced platter of 960 construction patterns. Here Stone laces up sequences like no other, building on contemporary trends to allow users to quickly create music, yet bring their own ideas to the mix. Of course every beat and sound can be twisted and tweaked, thanks to the intuitive and creative workflow that is at the very heart of SPARK Creative Drum Machine. Reignite rhythmic creativity with Hip Hop Essentials... and get your groove on!"
Pricing and Availability:
Hip Hop Essentials requires SPARK Creative Drum Machine Version 1.5 (or higher), and can be purchased and downloaded from the Arturia online store for €29.00 EURO/$29.00 USD. More information:

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