iOS Vocal Processing App Updated

IK Multimedia VocaLive gets MIDI Control, Copy/Paste function, redesigned recorder and mixer and more      17/10/12

iOS Vocal Processing App Updated

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IK Multimedia has announced the release of VocaLive version 1.5, IK's premium vocal effects processing app for iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. They tell us that this major update includes enhanced control features, more intuitive Graphic User Interface and functionality and expanded compatibility with hardware devices, giving performers even more versatility and options for virtually any singing/performance situation. Here's the details in IK's own words...
VocaLive for iPhone or iPad is a professional quality, real-time vocal effects processor for singers, songwriters and performers, for live performance on stage or in the studio. It features a suite of 12 professional vocal effects like reverb, delay and compression, and adds in more creative effects like morphing, pitch correction and harmonizing making it the most comprehensive full-featured vocal performance and recording studio app available.
New Features in VocaLive include:
  • MIDI Support: VocaLive 1.5 adds additional control functionality through Core MIDI support, allowing users to control knobs, buttons, presets and other assignable parameters with a standard MIDI controller and a MIDI interface for the device, like IK's iRig MIDI interface. This feature is a free add-on for iRig MIDI owners, or available via in-app purchase.
  • Digital Audio Support: VocaLive now supports both mini-jack input devices like IK's iRig Mic, iRig Mic Cast and the new iRig PRE via the device headphone jack, as well as 30-pin/Lightning digital audio interface devices, providing users total flexibility on stage, on the bus or in the studio.
  • Share: In addition to exporting via iTunes and email, VocaLive now provides file sharing via direct export to SoundCloud and FTP transfer so no matter where inspiration strikes, performances can be shared with the world.
  • Redesigned Recorder. VocaLive features a single-track recording studio expandable to 4 tracks (iPhone) or 8 tracks (iPad) with bounce, mixer and master effects section for capturing performances on the go. The new recorder section now includes a Loop function for looping sections of recorded material, a new visual Metronome and a quick access Tap Tempo button plus Copy/Paste function to quickly exchange audio material with other apps.
  • New Mixer section. A new mixer interface has been added to the recorder allowing easier control of master reverb send, channel level, pan control, mute and solo buttons, plus an FX button for applying the VocaLive signal chain to the recorded material on the individual channels. This feature also allows "re-effecting" of tracks to get that perfect mix of effects or to apply different creative techniques to the material post-recording.
New Features in VocaLive 1.5:
  • Digital Audio Support (use any standard 30-pin/Lightning audio interface)
  • Core MIDI Integration for Program Change and Continuous Controllers (Available via in-app purchase)
  • Restore In-App Purchases Function
  • New Export via SoundCloud, FTP and Copy
  • New Re-Designed 4-track Recorder and Mixer section (Available via in-app purchase)
Pricing and Availability:
VocaLive 1.5 is a free update for current VocaLive users. New users can purchase VocaLive on the App Store for both iPhone/iPod touch or iPad for only $19.99/€17.99 each. A free, expandable version is also available allowing to purchase the individual effects a-la-carte inside the app for as low as $2.99/€2.39 each. More information:


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