New Kick Drum Mic Is Available Now

AKG D12VR premium drum microphone arrives in the UK      16/10/12

New Kick Drum Mic Is Available Now

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AKG and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd have announced UK shipping of the new D12 VR premium kick drum microphone featuring the original C414 transformer from the 1970s, and patented selectable active filters to tailor its sound.
Thomas Umbauer, Product Manager, PPA, AKG, told Sonic State, "With the reputation AKG's D12 brought to the recording and broadcast industry, the latest D12 VR embodies its predecessor with the quality and reliability AKG has been providing the audio industry for 65 years. The relaunched D12 VR will give tracked drums a vintage, yet crisp and modern sound, sure to make percussion tracks shine for professionals or casual artists around the world."
Here's more details in AKG's own words...
The D12 VR is a large-diaphragm cardioid microphone intended specifically for kick drum live and recording applications. It offers a thin diaphragm within its newly designed capsule, which enhances low-frequency performance. With phantom power disabled, the D12 delivers accurate, pure character from the sound source. With phantom power enabled, one of three switchable active-filter presets can be used to quickly adapt the mic's response to suit the user's desired kick drum sound.
The vintage-style premium bass microphone offers three active sound shapes for recording: open kick drum, closed kick drum and vintage sound. D12 is manufactured with the original AKG C414 transformer from the 1970s, reinforcing AKG's deep musical heritage.
AKG's patented implementation of an active electronic filter within a dynamic microphone continues to provide the audio industry with perfected sound. Internally, AKG's dynamic microphones process frequencies within the filter circuit and connect the audio signal in the mic's transformer. The impedance differences between the mic and tandem audio equipment are cancelled out, enabling the unit to showcase the ultimate sound, regardless of its connected device. AKG's transformers enhance the audio signal significantly, especially at high signal levels.
Pricing and Availability:
The AKG D12 VR has an RRP of £349 inc VAT and is available now. More information:


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