500 Series EQ and Dynamics From SSL

US Tasty bits of an SSL 4000 E console in a 500 rack      08/10/12

500 Series EQ and Dynamics From SSL

Blimey, it's just like the busses (as we say here)... nothing for ages then 2 come at once ;-]

Hot on the heels of Radial's new 500 Series offering comes news that mighty console behemoths Solid State Logic has introduced a couple of new 500 Series modules for a bit of lunchbox lurve action - there's a Dynamic module and an EQ, both based on the 4000E Series console responsible for (or at least involved in) many famous hit sounds of the 80's and beyond (though whether the console deserves the label 'Immortal' as used in SSL's own PR is kinda debatable ;-]

For those of you (*cough* us!) who can remember the 80's... you might be saying at this point..."so is it the Brown knob or the Black knob variant", in yer best nerdy voice... and SSL have already thought of that - they've included both versions in the single EQ module. Clever things.

OK, so here's the official bumph - and if you're going to the AES Show in SF shortly, you can catch them there.


OXFORD, ENGLAND – Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of tools for creative audio professionals, is proud to announce the release of the E-Series EQ Module and E-Series Dynamics Module for the popular API 500 Series modular rack format. The legendary 1980’s SSL SL 4000 E is one of the all-time classic consoles and has been featured on countless great recordings. The release of these new E-Series EQ and E-Series Dynamics Modules makes the gritty tonal character of the channel processing from this much-loved console available to a new group of users. The SSL console sound has been available in 12 different modules for SSL’s own modular X-Rack system for many years. The system enjoys a large and enthusiastic customer base (more than 15,000 modules sold) that reap the benefits of the very high-quality power supply and on board TotalRecall™ offered by SSL‘s X-Rack. The release of two modules for the widely-used 500 Series modular rack platform makes a small slice of the SSL sound available to a wider user base. The new modules will be shown at the forthcoming 2012 AES Show in San Francisco (Booth 1005)


The E-Series Dynamics Module for 500 Series racks reproduces the legendary sonic signature of the fully-flavored VCA channel dynamics section of the SL 4000 E console channel strip. The E-Series Dynamics Module features a compressor/limiter and an expander/gate, both of which return faithfully to the circuitry and key components that define the sound of the original SL 611 E Series channel strip. A true RMS converter is used in the side chain while the gain element is an all-discrete design identical to the Class A VCA chip used in the original unit. The compressor contains additional switching options that allow a user to defeat the over-easy curve and to use a linear release instead of the more usual logarithmic curve. The result is a compressor with three distinct voices, each with its own musical character.


The E-Series EQ Module for 500 Series racks features two different EQ’s found on editions of the console produced between 1979 and 1987. Each EQ has unique response curves and tonal character. Historically, the type of EQ fitted in an individual console was distinguished by the colors used on the LF knob caps so the two flavors have become known as the ‘Brown’ and ‘Black’ EQ’s. On the E-Series EQ Module, you can switch between these two different flavors of EQ that have been loved by generations of professional producers. The SSL channel EQ is the classic four band design with fully parametric LMF and HMF with Q controls, which has become the industry standard channel EQ configuration. The E-Series EQ features selectable shelving or Bell curve operation for the LF and HF frequencies.


Key Features:

·       Immortal SSL SL 4000 E Series circuitry

·       Based on original  SL 611 E console channel strip


·       Class A VCA replication

·       Classic Expander/Gate configuration


·       “Black-242” and “Brown-02” twin EQ design

·       Versatile four band channel EQ

·       Bell curve option on HF and LF

·       Fully parametric LMF and HMF with Q


Both Modules are available now from SSL Resellers worldwide.

Both Module Prices: £518, $889, 646€ + VAT or Sales Tax

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