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US Soundiron releases Rust 1 v2.0 update and offers the chance to win a Pulse Surface Controller      01/10/12

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Soundiron tells us that they have released the long-awaited 2.0 update to the original Rust 1 metallic percussion library. Here's their press release with all the details:
This first volume focuses on a variety of small odds and ends like racks, paint cans, soda cans, magnetic balls, galvanized nipples, brass beams, a bowed saw, along with bigger sounds found in mine shafts, steel tunnels, towering stairways and more. With 1.74 GB and 2724 samples, this classic collection delivers big value. We've also added tons of deep control features, an awesome new UI and added bonus content. We've refined key mapping and zone placement, velocity layering, humanization, tuning and more. This update is free to existing Rust 1 owners. And for everyone else, you can grab Rust 1 now for only $49. Hurry, the price goes to $59 after October 5th, 2012.
To celebrate, we're partnering with Pulse Controller for an official Rust 1 demo contest. It's open to all existing and new owners of Rust 1. Just send us a song you've created using sounds from Rust 1 as lead instruments. Upload your mp3 here. On October 5th, we'll select our three favorite song entries as new official Rust 1 demos. The winners will also receive their own awesome Pulse Surface Controller System. The Pulse Controller is a revolutionary midi drum trigger and software interface that turns literally any surface into a incredibly responsive and natural sounding midi controller. It makes the perfect compliment to Rust 1 or any of our percussive instruments. Check out the video above to see it in action with several of our instruments. It also offers outstanding arpeggiation that work equally well with melodic and percussive instruments. We highly recommend checking it out.
The newly redesigned Rust 1 GUI gives you live control over attack, offset, release and pitch stepping to turn any sound into everything from tight percussive strikes to soft, tonal pads. The Uberpeggiator system allows up to 32 steps of adaptive arpeggiation with scale, tuning, rhythm, velocity and humanization controls. You'll also find tempo-syncing resonant filter and volume LFOs with waveform selection, as well as EQ and convolution reverb effects, including more than 50 custom room and FX spaces to choose from on the fly. Our Mega Mixer interface allows you to select and load any of the 18 instrument types and 89 sound sets into 10 easy modules, with independent key-range, tuning and mapping options. You can use it to create custom ensembles, drum kits and tuned percussion orchestras.
The Tuned Selector presets provide direct access to 89 different solo articulation tuned over a wide pitch range, with easy browsing and automatable sound selection. The ensemble presets contain each instrument collection arranged in ready-made drum-kits and multi-layered sonic combos. The bonus Rumbones sustain bank provides a great little set of atmospheric sound-scapes, wrought from the Rust 1 source recordings. The two freely selectable sustain layers can be mixed and blended, with optional polyphonic legato and tempo-syncing filter and volume LFOs. And of course, there is a grand master ensemble preset (with 'Lite' version) for instant access to the full range of metallic strikes.
Please note: The new version of this library requires the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later. This is an open-format library, so the free Kontakt Player does not support this product. However, it includes standard wav files that can be imported into most audio software. Pricing and Availability:
Available as a direct download and on DVD for $49 (the price goes to $59 after October 5, 2012) More information:

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